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Thread: Paula's Secret Battle Article

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    The only reason why I thought (and still do think, actually) that she was addicted to drugs/and or alcohol, is because she slurs! Even yesterday when she was on Entertainment Tonight explaining that these are all rumors and how hurt she is that people think she's an addict, she was slurring like crazy!

    Slurring is a symtom of being addicted to drugs or alcohol, and she can't deny that she does that, so people have a right to be suspicious. That woman cannot complete a sentence, she stutters like crazy and it is irritating to listen to.

    Now, is the slurring and stuttering a symptom of her "chronic pain" or is it a side affect of her medication (even if she does not over dose on it)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bla-sed
    Uh, no it doesn't. It says there are 2 observations - people who take enbrel also sometimes end up with said nerological disorder, but no conclusive cause-and-effect research linking these 2 observation. The language is very clear and explicit.
    From what I read there is no exact number of observations. I could be 2, it could be 200. It associates medications that target TNF-alpha (including Enbrel) and cases of "multiple sclerosis and other central nervous system disorders."

    From other studies, TNF-alpha is suggested to play a role in diabetes, cancer and immune system disorders. The warning is just promoting caution and consultation with your doctor, in case you may already have a problem linked to TNF-alpha, before you take a drug that may also affect it.

    It is almost impossible to pin-point cause and effect relationships in humans because there are so many variables, from genes, lifestyle, environment- - many things. Many time people want definitive answers when it comes to medications adn side effects.

    If we can't forecast the weather with 100% certainty, maybe people should allow for some inconclusive findings when it comes to the human body. The body tries to maintain a very strict balance of processes and functions. If one thing is altered, usually something is altered along with it.

    Regardless, I wish Paula the best.

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    2 refers to observable phenomenon - Neurological disorders being number 1, taking Enbrel being number 2, not actual number of phenomenon itself. I was referring to the poster who believed that the blurb indicated "those with MS should not take Enbrel", which I have no idea how could be extracted from the blurb itself.

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    It was difficult watching Paula's interview with Mary Hart last night. It seemed like she was trying very hard not to slur her words and her mouth was very tight. I felt sorry for her but I am not too sure I believe everything she said in these interviews! It is still my belief that she has some health concerns.

    The ratings will probably be outrageous on Tuesday. People will be watching to see how Scott performs and how Paula judges! This has NOT been a good week for Paula and they say scandal increases ratings. Between these TV show interviews and Corey Clark's claimed secret affair...oh my!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariann1
    Oldsters (???), remember the big debate about Annette Funicello? The tabloids were questioning whether she had a drinking problem because of her stumbling and slurring of words. She came out and finally talked about her MS. Celebrities do have the power to inform the public!
    I had forgot about that!! That's true! I think it was the same with Richard Pryor too....
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Now, is the slurring and stuttering a symptom of her "chronic pain" or is it a side affect of her medication (even if she does not over dose on it)?

    ***Chronic pain is a disease in inself. Just because her acute pain has subsided doesn't mean she is not effected. She doesn't sleep regularly, and she was trying not to cry in that interview. She mentioned the habit of chewing the inside of her cheek as well. Just because the Enbrel is not a narcotic doesn't mean she doesn't have individual side effects. As I am sure some of you fellow pain sufferers on this thread know, all meds effect people differently and it is not unheard of to have side effects that aren't listed. She didn't have to come forward, the least we can do is give her the benefit of the doubt.
    I am glad this season is almost over, she needs a break!! Stress exacerbates RSD..and most pain conditions, and now the poor woman has to deal with Corey Clark!!

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