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Thread: 4/20 Show Discussion Thread (*SPOILERS*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by liedenfrost
    As mentioned in my previous post to Sandy, I don't wish to comment on Anthony's looks, or his body. You wouldn't like my comments so much. All that matters is that you enjoy those attributes. I'm sure Anthony will be pleased about it. I do agree with you that this kid will join the ranks of AI recording artists. In my opinion, he's more talented than JPL or John Stevens. I will buy JPL's cd. I always thought that kid had potential. I wish I could spend more time on this board, but my work schedule does not permit that. Thanks for your comments. Anthony is lucky to have you as a voting fan. Your services will be called upon many times if this kid is to upset Bo, Carrie, or Constantine, something I see as very difficult to do.
    Liedenfrost, my voting is limited to about 30-40 votes. I did encounter a lot of busy signals last week. I agree that Anthony is more talented than John Stevens and JPL and wish him much success in the future! That's why I agreed with much that you have written.

    My view is that Scott needs to be out of this competition! However, after that...I really enjoy all the remaining contestants and don't see Anthony as a threat to the others. However, I want him to do a terrific job on his remaining performances! I don't think he will last over Vonzell. However, Top Five would be great! Bo and Constantine would be too restricted being THE American Idol. At this point, I see Carrie as the winner.

    This was a great comment: "There's a sixth sense of sorts between men. It's not as easy for women to decipher the code (and vice versa; many men, including me, are completely amazed by the female mind). That's part of the wonderful difference between the sexes." I burst out laughing and thought, "Isn't that the truth?" Men are very often confused about the female mind, body, and soul! Hahaha...yes, there's a definite difference!

    Thank you for your response as well.
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