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Thread: Seacrest Gets Walk of Fame Star

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    Why don't we take up a collection to get Dunkleman a star? His could be right next to Ryan's.

    I'll be the treasurer. You can send the money via Paypal.

    ETA the winky face to indicate that the above statement was made in jest and no one should send me money via Paypal for this purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flapbreaker
    Does Jeff Probst from what almost 10 "seasons" of Survivor get a star?
    Yea I think Jeff deserves a star before Ryan.Survivor has been around alot longer and was one of the first Reality competition shows

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    Quote Originally Posted by kit_kat91
    Yea I think Jeff deserves a star before Ryan.Survivor has been around alot longer and was one of the first Reality competition shows

    Not to mention jeff's job is much hard in my opinion. Some of the local's and such are not just a drive down the freeway.

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    Remus Lupin
    Forget Probst and Seacrest. Phil Keoghan from Amazing Race has them both beat. After all, he has a couple of Emmys and his job is way more demanding than hosting Survivor or AI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castingdirector
    Does anybody remember that the 1st season of AI, Ryan had a sidekick co-host named Brian Dunkleman? (I think that was his name). He was horrendous. Not funny, not cool, totally wrong. They dumped him and Seacrest did the rest of the seasons alone -- I think it's better for him. Can you imagine if AI hadn't sacked Dunkleman, and he had a star on the Walk of Fame too? Ha!
    Ok, I am in the minority, but I much preferred Dunkleman's dark humor to Ryan Seacrest's, and I was quite unhappy when I found out that Dunkleman would not be around for the second season. He was the reason I found first season entertaining. He quite obviously hated American Idol, and was snarky about the show. Quite refreshing, in my opinion I am used to Seacrest now, but I thought it was a huge loss to the show not to have Dunkleman around anymore; the duo was kind of like Simon & Paula, Dunkleman was Simon and Seacrest was Paula.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoBoFan
    Well Said!!! He's made a place for himself in the entertainment industry & maybe he did it a little quicker than others. I'm So proud of him and "his Star" is SO WELL deserved imo!
    I just love him!!!
    Ryan also does the AT40 Countdown, which he took over from Casey Kasem. Casey was SO famous for broadcasting that countdown for GOD knows SOOOOO many years (I lost count!) Those are HUGE shoes to fill & Ryan has accomplished that feat!!! Speaking of....
    Tune in Sunday Apr. 24th @ 8:00 on FOX for the American Top 40 Radio Countdown show!
    I can't wait!!!
    No Awards, No drawn out talk- just pure entertainment from todays HOTTEST in the music world!
    I'm so excited & can't wait!!! What a show that will be!!

    I couldn't agree more BoBoFan. I personally like Ryan and am happy for him.
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    Ryan had a morning show on Star 98.7 out here long before American Idol and I know he has been quite successful in other radio shows as well as his current gig on KIIS FM. I personally think he deserved the star.
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    Seacrest gets Walk of Fame star

    The requirements to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are simple: You've got to accumulate a body of achievement over a period of some longevity (five years). Throw in a $15,000 nomination fee, and a star could be yours.

    Congratulations, then, Ryan Seacrest on your star on the Walk of Fame.

    Astute TV viewers will note that Seacrest's greatest contribution to popular-culture landscape, "American Idol," only has been around for three years. However, Seacrest's star won't celebrate his legacy on TV. Instead, it will feature a radio, reflecting a medium in which Seacrest has achieved the requisite level of longevity.

    The KIIS-FM deejay and host of "American Top 40" will get his star at 11:30 a.m. today.

    IMO the requirements should be tougher. Not that Ryan should never get a star, but he doesn't deserve one now. Especially for a career that was largely in local radio. I think the Hollywood Board is trying to get a tie-in to AI's success.

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    Does paula have one?
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    Apparently Simon has said that the star is "ill-deserved." :rolleyes Hopefully he wasn't serious, cause that would be rather mean. I live in L.A. so I can tell you becoming a KIIS FM D.J. is quite a feat, whether you're a celebrity or not. I thought the little segment they did on him on the show was really cute. I also thought that it was sweet how he was "all dressed up" in a dark suit when he got the star. Again, good for him and I think he deserves it more than any of the other T.V. hosts for his sweet personality, while the others are all rather alike.
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