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Thread: Live Tapings - Has Anyone Attended One?

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    Live Tapings - Has Anyone Attended One?

    I just got tickets to see Wednesday's results show for next week, but they seem like they pretty much qualify me to wait in a line. Has anyone attended a taping? Are people there at the crack of dawn, or does it matter when we show up? Is there a good time to go that will guarantee entrance?


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    I sent you a PM. Hope that answers all your questions.
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    I have gone to several tapings. Get there at least one half hour before the call time on your ticket and you should be okay. Sometimes that last in line get the best seats.

    The only time you need to camp out is when Clay Aiken appears, but I doubt that will happen this year.

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    How can a person get tickets? Would they sell them to a person not living in Hollywood? How soon in advance do you have to purchase them?

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