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Thread: American Idol, Top 8 Results: It's All About Song Choice

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    Lobeck, I agree with your thread title "It's all about song choice".
    Nadia would still be in the competition if she was better at choosing songs. If you choose the "right" song, you can make a few boo boos and still make it to the next round... if you choose the "wrong" song you better be BRILLIANT or we'll see you in the bottom 3 and it may win you the trip home.

    I'm stunned that Scott's arrogant remarks to Simon (about having more guts than millions of us) didn't back fire and get him booted off. And he didn't even have the CLASS to hold in his happiness about being safe... he flaunted it in front of Bo and Nadia and millions of us gutless viewers. tacky.
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    "I disagree. Just as you are saying that people can vote hundreds or thousands of times for the one people think is the cutest, etc., people could also vote hundreds or thousands of time for someone they don't like for whatever reason, resulting in that contestant's departure, whether they should be the one to go or not."

    The difference would be that now all they have to do is have one more vote than the lowest vote getter to stay. In your scenario, they would have to have more votes than anyone else to get them booted. I would think that the majority of people would be smart enough to realize this and vote for the person they thought truly turned in the worst performance. The way it currently is, entire towns or regions vote multiple times each for their favorite regardless of talent. In my scenario, they would have to conspire together to get one person kicked off. Much more difficult to do.

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    Although I was sorry to see Nadia go, I was not surprised. Simon has been itching for her to go for weeks and the fact that she found herself in the basement around week 2 did not bode well for her future chances. I'm still waiting for Scott to say "adios" and the fact that he is still around is mind boggling. Hopefully he's gone by next Wednesday.
    Two weeks ago I thought that Carrie and Bo were shoe-ins for the finale, but after last night I think Bo's chances are dwindling rapidly. Not only is his fan base apparently eroding (in favor of Constantine), but his "so what if I don't win" remarks last night were another nail in the coffin. Americans want their idol to really want it, and even Paula couldn't get Bo to open up. This did not go unnoticed and I expect Bo will be gone in a few short weeks well in advance of the finale. This leaves C-man and C-woman as the final two, with C-man coming up strong on the outside.

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    Thanks for explaining their Ford commercial. I had no clue what it meant.
    "You better shut your mouth when you're talkin' to me!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    Ryan starts everything off with the très dramatique, “You are in for a shock, America.” Wait…let me guess…Paula’s going to say something of value and offer some true constructive criticism. No, never mind. That wouldn’t be a shock. That would be a sign of the Apocalypse.

    Anyway, moving on to Anwar. Anwar, you sang “I’ll Never Love This Way Again”. Personally, I hope you never sing that way again

    Great recap, Lobeck.

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    Lobeck, lightning fast as always... I can't believe you get the write-ups done so quickly. You're great! I'm sad too about Nadia...canNOT understand how song choice sinks someone even if they perform it perfectly. I thought it was a singing competition, but guess it's actually a song choice competition!

    One thing got glossed over so I have to shamelessly bring it up: Ryan made Simon clarify his "Astonishing!" comment. Simon 'fessed up...he was impressed with Constantine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrjar

    I was sure of a Bo-Nadia-Anwar-Carrie final 4 after the semis, but now I'm thinking it'll surely be Carrie and Constantine, with Vonzell and Bo as outside chances. Maybe Anwar, but he really needs to turn it up with riskiy performances that work.

    Obviously it depends on the performance, but I can see Carrie and Constantine making it to the end without a visit to the bottom 3 (like Kelly and Clay).
    These four were my choices for the last four standing but I didn't believe they would all make it. I knew Nadia's choice of songs that no one listens to would not connect with audiences and when you only have 90 seconds to connect you have to have some kind of bridge. I have to point out the judges said, repeatly, during the semi-finals that song choice didn't matter - that what mattered was the performance. So it looks like Nadia listened and paid the price.

    Unfortunately, performance may win in the long run anyhow because Constantine's weird-grinning and grimacing facial expressions into the camera and his theatrical performances are a big hit and will move him ahead of the better singers.

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    Thanks for another great recap!

    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    Ryan asks Constantine about his apparently infamous “tongue move” from last night. (I say “apparently infamous” because I didn’t even notice it until I just watched the Tuesday show again on TiVo. But, I digress…)
    I did the same thing. As I was watching the results show last night, I kept thinking, "What tongue move?" So today I watched his performance again to see what all the hoopla was about. The comment that he was channeling Gene Simmons was a very accurate description.

    As for Nadia, I'm bummed she gone already. I so wanted Scott to go. I did not think Nadia's song choice was that bad. It may not be a well known song, but that doesn't mean she didn't look or sound good while singing it. I enjoyed her performance. Way, way, way more than Scott's. At least she went out with a bang last night. I wish her well in the future.

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    i'm sad that nadia's out already. she was one of my favourites.. another great recap lobeck u r simply the best!

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    Until they change the voting so you vote off the worst performer/singer instead of allowing people to stuff the ballot box for their "favorite", this will continue to be a popularity contest having little to do with actual talent.
    Possibly you'd see results you liked better if the producers were to limit the number of votes that could be placed from a given phone line. That might limit the influence of fanaticism over general mainstream appeal.

    I think voting for the people you want gone would be an absolutely terrible idea, and it would destroy the premise of the show. The whole idea is to present these people to America and ask if we like them and if we would buy stuff they sold. If we begin to focus on whom we hate rather than whom we love, folks wouldn't be concentrating on their favorites as much - just the folks they don't like.

    Also, very polarizing contestants would be doomed. Neither Fantasia nor Clay Aiken would have done well with a vote-off system. Also, we'd have the same problem we have in Survivor in late rounds; around final five or so people would start voting for Carrie Underwood to leave in order to save, say, Anwar. I am convinced that, had we used a vote-off system in Season Two, Rickey would have ended up winning.

    I wish the contestants had gotten more even screen time during the hollywood auditions. They really can't show everyone in the finals precisely even since they don't know who will be in the finals, but some got practically no screen time while others were showcased.
    Now, I agree with this. That was grossly, incredibly unfair, and the two people it benefitted most were Mikalah and Constantine. Now, even though I have come to be very relieved that Constantine's bad semifinal showings did not get him voted off, if he HAD gone, I'd be fine right now because I would never have realized he could be good anyway. I also think Connie's startling improvement was a fluke, and not something the producers should expect to have happen every year.
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