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Thread: 4/13 Show Discussion Thread (*SPOILERS*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamiLee
    Kariann! Somewhere around here in all these threads I commented on how much I like your posts!! I wrote that (honestly) not quoting you or anyone else - I've seen it more than once and it was not personal to you!!
    I've also heard about it off-line and it bugs me. When someone dismisses her (Nadia) as not a good singer I stick up for her like she were family!! I know you don't do that. So, this was not personal at all okay?
    I don't think Anthony is horrible either. I feel bad for him (he gets so nervous looking) I don't think he's as good as Nadia or the rest (maybe equal to Scotty boy) anyway, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts and that was not an "attack" on you! There is some mean stuff (even on here) about Nadia and I just ignore. Same as Scotty fans must feel I guess.

    AN E-daddy! I feel you too! Still, it's a good show (I guess)

    I like to get together with my mom from time to time (we're both very busy) and we got into this ritual thing watching the show. When Nadia got the boot, she said NO MORE. So, that made me kind of sad. (She's in her sixties and she voted like crazy god bless her) for Nadia! So, I was going out with friends at first and watching the show at a lounge/bar and then was taping it and looked forward to spending some time with my mom. LOL
    I'll miss that!
    Back to the loud lounge with all the "mean stuff" now.

    p.s Kariann I have to ask, how did you like Anthony singing Climb Every Mountain (it was painful IMO) !!
    So your mom called it quits, huh? Can't blame her. It's like I said in an earlier post, if there was just a glimmer of hope left, I would continue watching. Unfortunaltely, there is none, sorry!
    Get Fantasia's self titled CD, in stores now!!!

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    Hey E-Daddy, yeah . Mom is done. She loved Ruben and voted for him like crazy. Me and my daughter would crack up laughing when she would just flip out about us "get those phones and vote for Ruben NOW" !
    We got scared !! lol
    Out of her character. Just funny. Then she got nutty with Nadia. She knew I couldn't vote last week and she seemed to get a little upset and said, "I'LL VOTE FOR HER" SHE CAN'T LEAVE YET
    I was thinking OH man ma ya don't have that much power. but, go for it
    She's a good lady. Very funny.


    She is done, done done!! I was like, Ma! Lets watch it! We both love Anwar and Bo and Carrie is good! She just said NOPE. No more of that BS (and the woman never swears)
    But, I think I'll talk her into it. I have to work, will tape it and show up Wednesday and she'll want to spend some time with me (I hope)!!

    Please, please let Anwar and Bo and someone just blow us away!!

    Anyway, E-Daddy, hope you watch and hang out here and still post. You'll be missed if you don't!
    The Pats will be back next year. Watch out.....

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