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Thread: 'Idol' Style Makes Itself Heard

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    I really liked Carrie's "Love is a Battlefield" outfit. And Lindsey's outfit for the second week of the semis.

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    BubbleBunny, I loved Nadia white sleek gown! Actually, I loved most everything she selected to wear! Vonzell has had some nice outfits. I liked Anwar's velvet suit jacket he wore last week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kariann1
    I liked Bo's comment that he feels like a big brother to some of the others. I immediately thought of Anthony, who at 19 years is the youngest. This has to be a positive experience for them!
    In reviewing my tape, it was Constantine who made this comment! He said, "We're like a big family right now." It was a cool comment, especially if he was sincere!

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