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Thread: Simple solution to voting problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by |eogeO
    the producers would earn a ton of money if they just charge 10 cents...here where i am in Singapore...they charged S$0.50 i think...or was it a dollar? i can't really remember...
    Yepz..it was 50cents.

    The problem that resulted from the 50cents charge was:
    The population size of Singapore is too small. So, in the early stages, I believe that most of the people were related to the performer. Thus, more friends sort of equated more votes. As a result, in the first round of the finals, an excellent singer was voted out simply she was not a true blue Singaporean, and probably did not have enough contacts that will vote for her.

    Yup. So... there are pros and cons for charging for votes. I think the free voting option is better. After all, the winners of all American Idol so far has been moderately ok rite?

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    I'd hate to be the parent of someone who found out their kid was voting hundreds of times a night if there was any sort of charge. That would make for an... interesting phone bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by time4u2go
    I have an idea to solve various voting problems - charge money for voting. Before attacking me, please read my entire post.

    Probably the two most common complaints about the voting process are that it's too difficult to break through the lines, and that some people use automated dialing to skew the results. If there was a SMALL charge for voting, like 10 cents or 25 cents, people wouldn't be as likely to use automated dialing, which would free up phone lines, allowing more people to vote. I think most people wouldn't mind paying a small fee to vote, even if they wanted to vote several times for the same person.

    A variation on this would be to allow some small number of free votes from each phone number (like 10), then charge a small fee per vote after that number has been reached.

    So what do you all think?
    this is how text messaging works. You're paying a small fee to submit your vote. I prefer the texting to calling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer
    There's really no good solution.

    But I completely hate the fact that people get more than one vote. I don't even vote at all because I know there's no way my vote will count against people who sit around all night and hit re-dial.
    I'm surprised that they haven't gone to a pay to vote format, since the producers are obviously looking for a performer that people would be willing to spend money to support. The people who are voting 10s and hundresd of times are skewing the popularity of the participants. I think it creates a great let down when there are millons of votes for a person and then the albums come out and sales are low.

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