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Thread: How do YOU base your votes?

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    How do YOU base your votes?

    I have to ask this because I've always wondered........how does everyone base their votes? Do they vote strictly on how the contestant does that particular week or do they base it over a period of several performances???
    I know that for me, I usually base it on how someone performs over several performances, unless someone has a really great single performance that week and then I make sure to reward them with votes also.
    I know there are some out there that vote for someone irregardless of how they perform and I admit I have been guilty of that. Last year, I voted many many times for Matt Rogers each week....not because he was the best singer but because I enjoyed him as a person.
    I've always been curious how others base their votes.......
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    I don't really vote, but I have several times. I based my votes on several qualities:

    1) Stage prescence If they look nervous, then they aren't going to do well in front of America
    2) Voice
    a) On Key: If they are off key, then you can't trust them to do well with other songs
    b) Words: They need to know the words, and not get up there and forget them
    c) Enunciation: If they enunciate their words, thats good, because then we can understand them and the song, and know what they are singing

    That is how I base my votes. Anyone else wanna share?

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    If I would buy the song, then I will vote for you.

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    if i like how they did on any given week i'd vote for them, I dont base my vote simply on if i like them or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    If I would buy the song, then I will vote for you.
    I just looked at this and it sounded weird. I mean the song with their vocals backing it.

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    If I was able to vote...

    I would start with whoever is a consistent performer...whoever can be counted on to hit everything right each night...if that isnt there then I would choose whoever gave the best "performance that evening". To me it is a package deal, if you can sing, but cant grab the crowd...then you are NOT an American Idol!!!

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    I vote on performance & Bo has been all over it, however so have the other guys!! The guys are the best! I wanna weed the girls out- they can't compare to the guys this season!... More guys should be in this...
    Nikko got cut & no I'm not happy!

    Performance wise there should be more guys than girls & this "EQUAL number" BS is just that ... it's BS! :rolleyes
    Let's get the "Theme Weeks" goin' & see who can survive that! The true test is on the horizon!!!

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    A good peformance and personality that I can relate to, that is who gets my vote.

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    I vote for the person I'm rooting for. But if they do a really bad job, I don't vote for them.

    Also, if somebody I don't usually vote for has a really good performance, I vote for them.

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    1) I vote to save someone who doesn't deserves to leave yet. For example:

    Mario forever wowed me with his exerpt of "Bohemian Rhapsody" in Hollywood. I've since heard his first audition song, "Whatever Happens", on a fan site and am even more thrilled. I know his potential, and if I feel he is in danger of being kicked out just becuase of a bad week, I will vote like mad to keep him in. He's deserves better than that kind of 'Tamyra Gray' exit. (I call it that only because it's what happened to her.)

    2) I vote to get other contestants out of the way. For example:

    Mikalah Gordon. (I can hear you cringe now!) Mikalah, who charmed me with her song to Simon in Hollywood, hasn't been doing so well in the top 24. Nevertheless, she was a heck of a lot better than Amanda and Janay. (I'm speaking my own opinion, of course.) Amanda was fake and all smiles to cover her inability to measure up to the vocal talent of her competitors. Janay had so much potential but she was progressing too slowly. It seemed that Mikalah... Mikalah could make progress in the competition while remaining competitive, at least for a while. So to get the other two out, I helped move Mikalah in with my votes.

    3) I vote on my own system of fairness. For example:

    Sometimes you just have to know when to let go. I know that at some point, it will be time for Anthony or Scott to go. (*sob,sniffle,tear*) But I will work through the pain... and stay my hand from dialing those numbers, for the good of Mario--ahem, er, that is to say, for the good of whoever should seem to be better at that point in time.

    4) I keep an open mind. For example:

    Bo Bice. Since Hollywood, I was all about MarioAnthonyScott this, MarioAnthonyScott that. Having watched the top 24, it's now MarioAnthonyScottBo. And it's all good. I haven't yet voted for Bo, because he hasn't needed my vote. But when the time comes, I am ready! 10 weeks from now, Mario might not be my ultimate favorite. But you better believe I'll be voting for whoever my favorite has become.

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