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Thread: American Idol 3/2: No Frills, Just Results

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    American Idol 3/2: No Frills, Just Results

    Well, boys and girls, it is that time of the week again. It's time to say goodbye to another four contestants on American Idol. Ryan asks us, "What did you do to keep your favorite in the competition?" I am thinking that, if you are a Janay Castine fan, you dialed your fingers to the bone, because I don't know of any other way that girl could still be in the competition. But, I digress…

    After the usual opening sequence (which I like much better than the one they had been using the past three seasons), Ryan tells us that there will be no songs tonight; we are just going to have the results. Huzzah! Looks like we will get this show done in record time! Ryan then introduces the judges and informs us that almost 42 million votes were cast this week. From there, we head right into a recap of the ladies' performances.

    When we come back from the ladies' recap, Ryan asks the judges about the importance of song selection. Randy tells him, "It's about really delivering the song." Paula has an interesting suggestion (an interesting suggestion from Paula? I know it is hard to believe…) when she says, "Maybe they should pick songs originally sung by the opposite gender." Finally, Simon tells Ryan, "The problem is you become a bad impersonator when you pick someone so current."

    Then, without any fanfare or buildup, Ryan turns towards our remaining 10 female contestants who are seated on the Couches O' Safety. He asks Celena Rae Batchelor to join him downstage, and she obliges. Once Celena is standing by Ryan, he unceremoniously tells her, "You're out." Good Lord, Ryan wasn't kidding earlier. This is going to be a bare bones, no-frills results show. (Not that I am necessarily complaining, mind you…) Ryan asks Celena what she thought of her performance this week, and Celena tells him, "I felt great. I sang a song I loved." He then turns to the judges for some comments, and Randy tells Celena, "Keep your dreams alive." Paula adds, "This has been a great learning experience for you, and now you just have to go for it." Finally, Simon tells her, "You gotta work hard." With that, Celena is off the show.

    We come back from a commercial break, and Ryan still has the ladies on stage. They are discussing the dress rehearsal and how their performances then were so much better than the ones on the show this week. Ryan asks Nadia what she thinks happened, and Nadia simply says, "I was just really anxious." Then, again, without any pomp and circumstance, Ryan gets back to the results. Jessica, Simon thought your performance this week was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Enough voters must have agreed, because you are safe. Amanda, you sang "Turn The Beat Around". Personally, I don't know that you even turned the beat sideways, let alone all the way around. However, enough people enjoyed your performance to keep you in the competition another week. You are safe as well. Carrie and Nadia, you two are safe as well. Janay, you sang "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)". Frankly, I would call your performance one giant "oops", but I did not vote. The rest of America did vote and you are…safe. Huh? Janay is safe again? How can that be? Mind you, I don't have anything personal against the girl, but her last two performances have been nowhere near as good as some of her earlier ones in Hollywood. (I wonder if she is going to be this year's John Stevens and stay longer than she really is entitled to.) Finally, Lindsey and Mikalah, you two are safe as well. That leaves us with Aloha and Vonzell, both of whom sang Alicia Keys songs this week. Aloha and Vonzell are asked to join Ryan downstage, where Ryan announces that Vonzell is safe and Aloha is out of the competition. Wait…so Aloha is out, but Janay is still in the competition? That just ain't right. Ryan asks the judges if the correct person is leaving, and all three of them say no. What the judges think at this point does not matter, though, because America has spoken, and Aloha has been eliminated.

    We come back from another commercial break, and the guys are now onstage with Ryan. We are treated to a recap of the guys' performances from this week, and then Ryan gets right down to business with the results. Constantine, you sang "Hard To Handle". Many people may have found your interpretation to be more than a bit hard to handle, but there were enough people who liked it that you are still in the competition. You are safe. Nikko, you sang "Let's Get It On". America voted, and you are safe as well. Bo, Anthony, Anwar, and Scott…all four of you are safe and will live to see another week in the competition. The four semifinalists that are left—Joe, David, Mario, and Travis—are called downstage, where Ryan informs us that two of these four will be sent home…right after the break.

    We come back from the break, and it is time to find out who is staying and who is going home. Personally, I think it's a given that Mario is going to be staying around a while, and, sure enough, Ryan tells Mario that he is safe. That leaves us with Joe, David, and Travis. Now, personally, I think that Travis and David should be the ones to get the boot, but what do I know, right? Ryan then tells Travis that he is safe, which means that Joe Murena and David Brown are leaving the competition this evening. I am really disappointed that both of these guys are going but for different reasons. David was so good in his local auditions; it seems like he hit his peak then, though, and has not gotten back to that level since. Joe has sounded good from what we've heard of him, but that's just it. He didn't get much airtime and didn't have a chance to build the fan base that some of the other guys have. Otherwise, I think he might still be in the competition. I do hope these results don't discourage the two of them too much, though, because I think both of them are talented and could do well in the music business if they really put their minds to it.

    Well, we are down to our "Sweet Sixteen". After next week's shows, we will have our Top 12, and it will be every man (and woman) for himself. Who will make it to that next level? Tune in to find out!

    To contact the author of this recap, send e-mail to lobeck@fansofrealitytv.com.

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    if you are a Janay Castine fan, you dialed your fingers to the bone, because I don't know of any other way that girl could still be in the competition.

    oh no kidding. I don't get it either.

    Great job as usual Lobeck! (is their a happy smilie that doesn't look so ? gay? don't take offense anyone.... I mean not so frikken happy.....

    great re-cap. You have a difficult job with this show and this whole new setup.
    Appreciated by not just me!!
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    Great recap lobes! It's almost over! One more week!!!
    Could does not mean should

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    Thanks for the great recap, Lobeck. You are the master! Can you please send me my free tshirt now? (just kidding!!)

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    Great recap Lobes
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