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Thread: Voting

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    SO THAT's the problem. NO way (sans cell phone) for a person like me to vote that many times. That rather skews the vote, doesn't it?

    I vote 2 x each for my faves (limit of 3) Vote on behalf of my daughter 2 x each for her faves (limit of 3), and then we vote on behalf of our cat (seriously) 2 x for what we agree on was the best performance of the night outside of our favorites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvMario&Linds
    Voted For Linds 615
    Voted For Mario 675
    Voted For Carrie 715
    Luv Them Allllllll
    OK...you win!!! LOL........I have been a "fanatic" before and voted like a maniac.....last season I voted over 300 times for Matt Rogers alone on a single night!!! Yes, I know...I don't have a life....LOL....that's why my house needs dusting and we eat sandwiches for supper on voting night!....I vote for the full 2 hours and average about 200 +/- votes...I usually split my votes between several people and then when it gets down to the nitty gritty, I only vote for 1. I have voted since the middle of Season 1 and really went crazy when Ruben (Alabama!!) was in it....tho I voted heavily for Kimberly Locke too! Fantasia was 100% my girl from the get-go last year (except for the Matt Rogers night!!)....
    And just for the record...I'm not a teenybopper young thing...I'm a 38 year old mom...so its not just the high school kids who are voting maniacs!
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