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Thread: Voting

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy
    I did vote occasionally in each season. However, they have retardedly stuck to the same old flawed system with that 2 hour window at the end of the show.
    They should completely do away with phone voting, allow only text message voting but let it be from all carriers, with a limit of say 5 per contestant from a single number. The reason they don't do it is because it would be very expensive to set up something like that and also it would actually make sense, not something they apparently care about.
    I think the phone voting system is vulnerable to fraud, as has been proven already. How else to explain bad singers making it and people like LaToya leaving relatively early?
    okay, I definitely don't agree with the only text message thing. Almost everyone in the free world has a phone. And if not, more people have phones than text messaging. I for one think it's stupid to pay to type to someone when you can call them, especially if you're paying for the phone(cell) service. I don't have text messaging.

    Another thing I think is that most younger people have text messaging. Everyone over the age of 25 who has text messaging has it for work (IMO). So, the text message votes wouldn't be from as diverse of a crowd.

    My grandmother religiously watches the show and votes. She would not know what to do with text messaging. She can barely figure out how to store numbers in the programs.
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    Season 1: didn't watch
    Season 2: Voted 1 time for each performance that I liked.
    Season 3: Only watched a little. May have voted 10 times total. didn't even see the finale.
    Season 4: Voting by performance. Nikko's my favorite, (he's a friend of the family)but I haven't given him the most votes because he hasn't earned them. He performed better this week so I gave him multiple votes. But I did the same for a few of the other singers I've liked: Scott, Mario, Bo, Mikalah, Vonzell, Nadia. Voted for Travis accidentally this week. (Wasn't paying attention when I was entering the text message number. I felt bad, wasted my vote & my money).
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    Quote Originally Posted by RubenIZMyne
    Aha so you're the reason she's still in the show. :nono
    I didn't vote for her at all this week. Just the week before

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    Season 2: Had a friend on the show who I voted for until he was eliminated. I voted every night for him for 2 hours apart from the night he was eliminated, as I was in night class. Rickey Smith, for the curious.
    Did you attend Southwestern? Are you SDA? What is Rickey Smith up to these days?

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    I've been voting since season one...phone voting for the first two seasons, but for seasons three and four (so far) I do text message voting. Amount of votes kind of depends each different show, I'll vote a heckuva lot more if I think somebody that I want to stay may be in trouble. On a regular week I'll vote around 10 times per person if I'm really into them and maybe toss 2-3 votes per person that I may think were good on that given night. With that being said, it sorta answers the third question about voting...most of the time I vote heavily for my favorites, but I will vote atleast a little bit for somebody if I was impressed by their performance that night.

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    I started voting at the end of season 2 and most of season 3. It got really frustrating when I couldn't even get through. I have to really like the contestant to put in the effort. I wish Cingular had bought ATT at the time. Libra, how much does it cost to text? I've been hearing different things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubyRed
    ...If I'm able (timewise) I'll vote next week because I think it will be close as to who goes into the top 12. ...
    Yes, I think it's more important to vote in the early weeks than later on.
    Once it gets down to the final 4 or 5, I can't imagine the difference between contestants being much less than 100,000 votes. (The 134,000-vote difference between Ruben and Clay on 5-20-03 represented less than .5% of the votes cast.) At that point, unless you have a well-organized voting drive, where you all agree to put in your few dozen or few hundred votes, you might as well just vote once or a handful of times for your favorite.
    At this early stage, though, a few hundred votes could easily make the difference between who stays and who goes. (Didn't Ryan say at one point midway through the finals last year that there were only about 500 (or was it 50?) votes between the lowest vote-getter and the second lowest?)

    I also think it matters a lot more whether a contestant makes it to the final 5 or 6 - or even just to the final 12 - than what position they end up in, among the final 5 or 6. Josh Gracin, e.g., who was #4 in season 2, was just nominated for Best New Artist by the Academy Of Country Music. Several AI and Pop Idol finalists have cut albums and are getting air play. That's far less likely to happen if you get cut before the final 12.
    With the internet, artists aren't as dependent on big record companies for promo and publicity as they once were. The longer someone is on AI, the better chance they have to build a loyal fan base and parlay their "15 minutes" of TV exposure into a real career.
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    Season 1: Kelly starting with top 7 week
    Season 2: Trenyce as long as she lasted, then split votes between Kimberley and Clay
    Season 3: Latoya most weeks, Diana some weeks (and to the end once Latoya was gone)
    Season 4: So far not much interest. I threw a few sympathy votes to Celena this week but was fine with seeing her go. I'll wait to the top 12 to start voting for real, and then will pick one to back. Mostly likely will be Jessica or Bo.

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    Season 1: didn't watch
    Season 2: voted early for Ruben, Clay and Kim, then mostly voted for Clay as the show went on
    Season 3: barely watched, didn't vote
    Season 4: Bo, Anwar, and Anthony, and Nadia and Carrie last week only. I'll narrow it down to one or two people depending on their next performances

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    Quote Originally Posted by soybean
    Because more people bother to vote for the bad singers.
    I really don't think they should limit it to text messaging. I don't have a cell phone!
    I agree; I don't have a cell phone! I also don't like the impact of high-tech power-dialing gizmos and businesses/institutions with phone banks. I believe they may have made a difference in who goes on to the Top Five.

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