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Thread: Voting

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    It is very hard to believe that this is season 4, and AI still has not found a better voting system. It is flawed in so many ways.

    I haven't voted yet this season. I will probably start voting in the last few weeks of the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs
    Season 4: voted for Joseph a lot, Nikko a bit, Janay a bit and Carrie some
    Aha so you're the reason she's still in the show. :nono

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    I'm not voting this season. The people I like never have a chance in hell anyway.
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    Season 1 - Kelly, Kelly, Kelly (every week, from the beginning)
    Season 2 - Clay (off and on)
    Season 3 - didn't vote much, when I did it was for John Stevens
    Season 4 - Anwar and Amanda/Mikalah (so far)

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    Season 1 - didn't vote

    Season 2 - voted my ass off for Clay from day 1 for the whole 2-3 hours of voting

    Season 3 - voted on and off for LaToya

    Season 4 - voted the first week for Anthony, didn't really vote this week.

    I promised the hubby that I wouldn't get roped into it again like season 2
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    I voted a lot in season 2 for my favorites Kimberley Locke, Josh and Trenyce. I didn't vote at all in season 3 and haven't yet in season 4. I too am very disilliusioned with this ridiculous system of being able to vote as many times as you want.

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    Season 1: Didn't see the show. 3 jobs equals no time for TV.

    Season 2: Didn't start voting until after the Wildcard Show. Then voted for Clay about a billion times a night (okay, so I exaggerate, but when your fingers are going numb it feels like a billion times).

    Season 3: Convinced that the producers of AI were the evil spawn of Satan trying to hypnotize the masses, I tried to boycott the show. Worked for the audition shows, then I caved in and watched. But... I did not vote at all.

    Season 4: There are quite a few singers with potential. I vote based on who I like that particular week. Anwar and Nadia the first week. Bo and Carrie this past week. (Still think the producers are evil, but I digress).

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    Season 1, didn't vote
    Season 2, I remember voting some for Rickey Smith, voted some for Ruben, Clay and Kimberly Locke. As it came to the end, I exclusively voted for Clay. (maybe a grand total of 50 votes the whole season?)
    Season 3, voted some for Jennifer Hudson, LaToya, Fantasia and George. Probably a grand total of 50 votes the whole season. (I was a big George fan)
    Season 4, first week voted about 10 times for Scott, 10 times for Nadia and 40 times for Bo. Second week, voted 10 times for Nikko, 20 times for Scott, and 100 times for Bo. Yes, 100. I love Bo. (I didn't vote for ANY of the girls on week 2.) I want Scott and Bo to make it to the final 12, but once they're (hopefully) there, I will vote exclusively for Bo, as long as he keeps performing as well as he has been so far.
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    Season 1: wasn't in the US, so I didn't see it.
    Season 2: I voted for Clay, but not massively. I love his voice, but I don't have the patientence to sit and redial for 2 hours straight.
    Season 3: Voted for Fantasia, again not voting solidly for 2 hourse, but trying to get in some votes.
    Season 4: I have voted for Bo and Anwar. Not for any of the girls. I think once we hit the final 12, the guys will pick the girls off one by one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonitabay
    ... I would be lying if I said that I voted soley on that nights performance...although that is a big factor, I also definitely take into consideration who I have liked from the beginning and how well the person has done through the entire competition so far. I don't want someone that I like and that has done a great job to have an off night/performance and get voted off, especially if they have consistently been better than others the rest of the time.
    I think it's crazy to base votes on just the performances of that particular night - unless you have no other basis for judging. (Either you haven't watched before or you have no favorites.)
    The voting determines who gets to advance to the next round, who will get a spot on the AI tour, and, ultimately, who's most likely to get recording contracts and promo for their albums. Why on earth should that be based on who did the best on "Motown night" or "Gloria Estefan night" alone, if you've seen and heard several other interviews and performances from the contestants.

    Ryan doesn't stand up there and say, "OK, now. Everybody vote for whoever did the best tonight." :rolleyes
    Quote Originally Posted by CombatCutie
    Season 2 - voted my ass off for Clay from day 1 for the whole 2-3 hours of voting.
    CC, the only time AI has ever had a 3-hour voting window was on the last night of competition for AI3. If they'd let people vote for 3 hours, with 2 different phone lines for each finalist, in AI2, they probably wouldn't have ended up with a virtual tie that year. (Of course, it was to 19E's advantage to have a virtual tie. They got a lot of mileage out of it over the course of the next year.)
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