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Thread: David Brown

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    Quote Originally Posted by glamgirl4clay
    Great singer, disposition but no "star" quality to him.

    Yes I agree. I think he will go FAR in this competition, but ultimatley the thing that happened to LaToya might happen to him - lack of character or personality, but we shall see how he develops.

    I was totally B-L-O-W-N A-W-A-Y by his 1st audition, something which NEVERS happens to me from a 1st audition. Usually I get good vibes from them, admire them or see potential but no-one has ever made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up from an acapella performance as he did.

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    I think he will go far in the competition too. He has an amazing voice, and he is just right. Hes pretty cute too, and I think he could be really popular with the women, if he isnt already

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    You know, I admit that David had one of the better audition performances, but something about him rubs me the wrong way. He seems like an airhead to me in the way he carries himself. Also, last night, he totally disappointed. I actually really hope he doesn't make the top 12, especially so that he doesn't take any votes away from Anwar, who deserves it more in his style, presence and originality.

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    I thought his performance was the worst last night...

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    aaack...what happened to david last night? he sounded awful! i had such high hopes for him. he was the standout for me and i was so waiting for him to sing last night. i hope it was just a freak thing and that he pulls it together next week...if he has another chance. i ended up putting most of my votes in for scott and bo...but i did have to throw some in there for david in hopes that he would get another chance. i really thought that he was going to be this year's fantasia.

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    What happened last night?!?!? David was easily one of the best in the competition, but now after that performance I am not so sure... I hope he gets his act together before next week.

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    He is a talenterd guy, imo and I've found his porevious performances very compelling.
    Last night he just didn't shine.
    His voice still spounded good to me, but the performance was lacking.
    There was no oomph.

    I hope he can poll the votes he needs to stay in the competition though.
    I think he should be top 12 on talent he just needs to ensure he gets there with better performances.

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    Hate to say it after becoming my early favorite with an awesome audition, but David has been a little less impressive in each subsequent performance.

    I hope last night was just nerves, or just not being quite sure at first as to what the judges are looking for exactly...because I'd like to see him go really far.

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    he's a goner after that performance

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    But yet hes still in the show...... I didnt hear how he did the other day. Was it THAT bad? Poor David. I just think he has an amazing voice! And hes adorable! I would hate to see him be eliminated

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