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Thread: Constantine Maroulis

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    Quote Originally Posted by jocelyns
    Oops, sorry, I didn't mean to come off critical.
    Your comments were fine...no problem! I just hope we don't find a situation in which Constantine was arrested or had a civil suit filed against him! Thinking of previous years when things were discovered and the contestant was disqualified.

    I think he's a character and cute. I want to hear more singing before I decide whether he'll be in the Top Twelve!

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    I think Constantine is adorable He has his good days and his bad days, but overall, he is a good singer, and I truly hope to see him in the top 6, or maybe even farther. Considering how many girls like him, I think that he will get a fair amount of votes.

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    Thanks. I agree, I hope Constantine pulls it off this season and comes through with good singing. I thought he did really well last week, despite want Randy and Simon said.

    I just read that "Constantine Maroulis" is the most searched-for American Idol on Yahoo!
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    I've relistened to "Kiss from a Rose" a few times and I really enjoy it. I sent the song to my friend who hadn't decided what she felt about him and said she was glad he didn't ruin the song since it's one of her favs. I think he is a very good singer and I enjoy him. BTW, I don't really find him all that cute

    Oh and he was on Elimidate and they're reairing the episode he was on, on Wednesday. Check your local listings if you're curious about watching. It's from about 5 years ago and he was still in the Boston Conservatory. His hair is also shorter too. Just thought I'd share.

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    I find him an adorable rocker!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    Bo is OK. I like him to go top 12 as well as Constantine. He did a nice job on "Drift Away", but in choosing that song he wasn't exactly stretching himself as an artist. At least Constantine attempted to go a little outside his box with the Seal song.

    As for the attraction to Constantine...well, an awful lot of us still get hot for the cocky, bad-boy rocker type. Bo just doesn't project the same image...too nice, somehow.

    To me, it's like comparing Anthony Federov to Clay Aiken. Clay had "it" - you could tell from his first audition. Anthony has a nice voice but like Simon said, dull as dishwater. Some are born talented, and some are born to be stars, I guess.
    If Constantine is what radiates the charisma of a thousand nuns to you, I think I'll take the "dishwater", thanks.

    Btw, cocky, bad-boy rockers are way overrated, not to mention a dime a dozen when it comes to the current music scene. (And even if I want one, I'd go with Jack White. No need to go for Rob Thomas knockoffs with mediocre voices.)

    ETA: Apparently Constantine has also been on elimidate. Oh God, ick. Talk about acts of desperate famewh*redom.

    ETA: "Dishwater" meaning Bo, not Anthony, btw. Have had enough of Prettier Clay since AI totally played up his sob story in the auditions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nausicaa
    If Constantine is what radiates the charisma of a thousand nuns to you, I think I'll take the "dishwater", thanks.
    I wouldn't have put it that way, but okay.

    I can't help drooling over the long-haired rockers, either...I spent my teen years in the '80's at Def Leppard and Judas Priest concerts, my love of bad boys, or faux bad boys, is hardcore.
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    Constantine's Reality Past

    February 28, 2005 -- 'AMERICAN Idol" rocker Constantine Maroulis has a past a past that includes an appearance on the dating showing "Elimidate."
    The makers of the show where one person dates four people at once, sending three home during the show are hauling Constantine's episode out of the vaults and airing it Wednesday night (1:35 a.m., Ch. 2)

    In the episode, Constantine dances shirtless, tells the girl he is a singer, that his voice is his "secret weapon" and brags "I know what I've got."

    There was no word on when the show was first recorded.

    Constantine, a New Yorker, tried out for "Idol" to promote his band, Pray for the Soul of Betty, he told reporters. Post staff writer

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    Oh, brother, really? Hmmmmm.... I was kind of liking him despite the "famewhore" vibe I was getting. Now that it's been confirmed he has just one more performance to impress me.
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    The fact he came on the show just to promote his band...that is absolutely appalling.

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