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Thread: Reviews of new Kelly Clarkson album...

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    Reviews of new Kelly Clarkson album...

    Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway (* * * out of 4) Clarkson is a moody rock chick burdened with the glistening vocal cords of a pop diva. On her second CD, the original American Idol champ manages to reconcile these elements with more confidence and conviction than the generic material on her debut allowed. Clinging less to the typical Idol album recipe, a Chinese menu of popular styles and proven hitmakers, the singer transcends clichés and nails plaintive numbers such as Because of You and Where Is Your Heart— both co-written by Clarkson and ideal showcases for the achy-breaky poignance in her creamy tone. This songbird may yet soar beyond the limited imaginations of those who would keep her in a gilded cage.

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    Pretty positive, which is always a surprising whenever AI and music critics are ever involved in the same thought.

    What about you, Lobes? Do you agree with the review (assuming you've listened to the album)? I know, I know. You're too busy listening to the Clay's new album , but, I thought I'd ask anyway.

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    I've been listening to Kelly's new album for about five days now and LOVE it! It has a much more rock vibe to it, in the vein of her song "Low" from the first album.
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    I've requested this one for Christmas. Kelly is the only AI alumni that I can listen to without thinking of him/her in terms of the show.

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