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Thread: Kelly, Ruben & Fantasia: Home For Christmas

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    Wow, outside of their new singles, that was more of a born-again revival thing than a Christmas special, but, I did enjoy it.

    I couldn't agree more with what everyone has been saying about Rube. He sounded outstanding, the best I've ever heard him. Same with Kelly; this is one of her better tv performances since AI1 ended.

    And I somewhat agree with what you guys are saying about Fantasia. When she gets into that impassioned religious fever jumping around mode, she tries to get too loud/strong. Though I wouldn't describe it as screeching, her voice becomes raspy and not that nice to listen to. But I don't think she did that very much. For most of the numbers, she sounded great. But like you said Fluff, that's gotta be causing some sort of vocal chord damage or something.

    Even though I am usually a bit bored during these specials -- it usually takes me 3 or 4 sittings to make it through one -- there were more than a few interesting moments. For example, at one point, Tasia gets in a very frantic dance competition with a female audience member, both of them doing that boob-shaking dance (for lack of a better term.)

    Also, at the end, Ruben and Tasia do this staged thing in which he tries to drag her off the stage. She pretends to escape and goes back to center stage to get more attention. Ruben comes back and physically pulls her off. Slightly amusing but definitely weird.

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