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Thread: whos goin home tonight?

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    whos goin home tonight?

    Who do you think is going home tonight? I think that Josh will go home. I don't want any one to go home cause I thinks they are all good! lOL! But I think Joshua is going home...

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    FORT Fogey IdolCanadien's Avatar
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    Based on last night it should be Theresa to leave but I agree with you it probably will be Joshua to go home tonight.

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    Evil Slash Crazy Miss Filangi's Avatar
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    I also think that this is Josh's week to go.

    I predict Jason, Josh and Elena will be in the bottom 3.
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    I don't at all agree Theresa should go. One of the judges correctly stated that at this point in the competition all performances should be taken into account. Theresa is an outstanding vocalist and deserves to live another week at the very least.

    Well, every week I pray for Shane to go, but I agree with you all, I'm expecting Josh to be gone this time. No great loss.
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