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Thread: 7/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tael
    Josh - his hair looks better. He was also jumping around like a little bunny on stage. Less meh than usual.
    I found the hopping to be disturbing. If he had stood still more (grounded his energy) the song would have been much more powerful, I think.


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    I was hoping for a little more out of tonight considering how much I enjoyed last week's show. Could it be that CanCon by Canadians is the ticket? Kidding but I thought song selection was a bit odd.

    Jacob - Doesn't mind a risk, eh? Reminded me of Scott Whalen(?) of Stone Temple Pilots and 70's Gender-Bending David Bowie (err, guess it was supposed to wasn't it). A-

    Theresa - I never would have guessed that I would think she's gorgeous. Country mouse has gone to the city and had a make-over. Song bored me to death though. B

    Jason - Vegas Shemagus. Anyone here from Peggy's Cove? Luv Ya Baby. He'd have a stupid grin on his mug singing a Nirvana song. Will Elvis please leave the building? C

    Kaleb - Quite liked him again. Two weeks of strong, original performances, but is he a one trick pony. Will I still like it in 6 weeks? 5 weeks? B+

    Elena - Surprised that the judges were so split in their comments. As Theresa has transformed her appearance, Eleana has transformed her personality. B+

    Josh - He's a slightly tamed down verson of Jason. Too much cheese but....I think it was his best performance. B

    Manoah - Hmmm, wanted to like it but it seemed like a school drama production. B-

    Kalen - I almost wish he kept that song in his back pocket. Pulled it out when the competition had an "Idol's Choice" night. I really think Jacob and Kalen are going to have success after CI is forgotten. A+

    Shane - Better than last week. I really believe is far, far below the talent level of the rest. I don't feel any emotion when he sings. He knows the pitch. He knows the words. But it's like he's singing words instead of meaning. And...I think we're going to be stuck with Disney or Amy Grant songs for the rest of the comp. C+

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    Quote Originally Posted by touque
    Too funny!

    Josh tried too hard to change his curly haired cherub look and it didn't work.

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    I thought it was interesting how Zack at the beginning of the evening tried to educate us as to what was good - pitch wasn't one of the things he was concerned about. He has obviously beenr eading some of the forums somewhere and I felt this was a direcct promo for Kaleb (though he didn't mention him by name). He implied those of us who don't like that are conservative (perhaps true but what's wrong with that?)

    My thoughts on tonight.
    1. Jacob - a bit over the top. It was good and entertaining but didn't win me like last week.
    2. Theresa, beautiful both to look at and hear but I have to agree it was bland and not what I was expecting from her.
    3. Jason - same old same old - boring
    4. Kaleb - why does he pick songs I love and do that to them? It was better than last week but I still don't buy it (literally & figuratively)
    5. Elena - I like the song but it didn't send me the way last week did and there were pitchy moments
    6. Joshua - vastly improved over last week. He looked very nervous waiting for judge's comments but definitely had a lot more heart in it.
    7. Manoah - her voice sounded ok to me but the theatrics really turned me off as did her outfit
    8. Kalan - loved it
    9. Shane - I actually liked last week's song better though he may have sung this one better

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    i thought ben did a fairly good job tonight... i am starting to like him more and john less....

    Jacob - he was hilarious. he seems to want to make a production out of each performance... it will be interesting to see what he does each week. he seems to have developed a lot of fans, based on the screams coming from the audience
    Theresa - average performance... i was disappointed because she is one of my faves and i was expecting so much more. but she did look very nice tonight and this performance should not affect her much
    Jason - good but there seems to be a pattern developing here...
    Kaleb - i can understand why the judges like him so much but i just don't like what he did tonight... he seems to sing everything the same way and i find his style annoying
    Elena - oversung... in my unqualified opinion.
    Joshua - i almost didn't recognize him... he did ok but i didn't like his comment to jake. seemed kinda snooty
    Manoah - hopefully she will go... didn't care for her performance and talking back to the judges didn't do her much good... really snooty
    Kalan - best performance
    Shane - better than last week

    Bottom 3 : Joshua, Manoah, Shane
    Eliminated : Manoah (please) :phhht

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    I only ever seem to like Kaleb when he's singing. When he doesn't, I want to smack him.
    I couldn't agree more! I get nervous when he doesn't sing, and not in a good way.

    I also agree that Theresa looked amazing tonight, that Josh bouncing around was hilarious and that Kalan was really good.

    I was so disappointed in Elena. I already have a hard time listening to "The first cut is the deepest" because of Sheryl Crow's version and I don't think Elena's voice was that great.

    And on a last note, poor, poor Ben, he just doesn't have it.

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    Bob, here are my predictions. Your predictions thread is closed.

    9. Manoah
    8. Shane
    7. Theresa
    6. Joshua
    5. Elena
    4. Kaleb
    3. Jason
    2. Jacob
    1. Kalan

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    It's weird, all the threads but this one are closed???
    I'll wait and post my predictions tomorrow. The show tonight ran the gamut from interesting (Jacob) to so-so (Elena and Joshua) to great (Kalan), and everyone else in between.

    Jacob will need to tone it done a bit just for a change!

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    Quote Originally Posted by upnorth
    It's weird, all the threads but this one are closed???
    Not weird at this site. All non show threads for any show are closed so no-one spoils it for the west coast. Of course if you are like me and haven't watched yet , you beeline for the spoiler thread. Can't wait to see Jacob on the western feed

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    I had been dialing and getting through just about every time and then at 10:45 the lines just closed down and I got the fast busy signal from two different phones - very frustrating!

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