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Thread: Manoah Hartmann

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    Way to go, Manoah

    Well, you're gone, and so is my last reason for even tuning in to Canadian Idol. The light, the spark, and the charisma is now completely gone from the show. But Manoah, what class, style, talent, and BALLS you've got. Fed up with the verbal abuse the judges slung at you week after week, you gave it back. You curtly and cheerily cut Sass off with a "thanks, Sass", and were VERY nonchalant and unconcerned with Zack...with a "We'll see." And they deserved it. You had two choices...put up with their crap, and cry over it, or think to yourself that what they say isn't worth it...and it wasn't. You handled it like the pro you are, and your future is SO bright, we all need shades! I'll line up at the record store to buy your first CD, my lady!

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    Manoah never struch a chord with me.
    I thought she did a good job with My Immortal, but other than that she never really appealed to me vocally at all.
    I thought her performance this week was very sub-standard, the weakest of the bunch imo and it was fitting that she was the one to go.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I saw this link at the TWoP site. It's a radio interview Manoah did on Friday morning. She comes across as very down to earth and has only good things to say about the judges & other competitors.


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