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Thread: who will be the wild cards?

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    I read on IDF (IdolForums.com) that they will be bringing back two from two groups and three from three groups... if that's so, I hope its:

    Group 1: Raj & Jessica
    Group 2: Elena & Liz
    Group 3: Jerrica, Bernard & Valerie
    Group 4: ???? *but if these people don't make it* Danielle Falco, Brock Groombridge, Jason Greenely/Shane Weibe.

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    If I had to chose:

    Group 1: Kyla, Raj and Annie
    Group 2: Mark, Liz and Elena
    Group 3: Constant Bernard and Bernard Q. (how confusing)

    ...and 2 from group 4. I'm surprised nobody else is picking Kyla for a wildcard spot. I thought she was great. Of the 8 listed, Raj, Kyla and maybe Bernard Q are the only ones I feel strongly about.

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    Some of my choices: Manoah, Kyla, Jessica, Liz, Raj

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