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Thread: What songs would you like to see people perform that's yet to be sung by AI or CI?

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    I'd love to see Elena try Bjork's "Oh So Quiet".

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    Kalan singing "I remember you" by Skid Row on Rock night.. would that count??
    that would be heavenly!!
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    I would love Manoah to try another Evanescence song on rock night!

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    Theresa singing Janis Joplin's "Get It While You Can", or Sarah McLaughlin's "I Will Remember You".

    Kalan's already proven he can sing anything...I mean, "House of the Rising Sun" was his audition song, "Lady" got him in the top 10, and "Born to be Wild" last night...amazing. Let me see...someone compared him to Roger Daltrey...how about him singing "Behind Blue Eyes" (my absolute favourite Who song)...I think he could even do a decent "My Generation".
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    AJane those are great suggestions!

    Itís British Invasion week, so perfect time for Kalan to rock out a Who song. This is easily the most appealing theme I've seen on an Idol show. I know fluff is worriedÖI would be, except these finalists rock! As long as none of them attempt a faux British accent, Iíd expect a good show. Iím anticipating songs by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Police/Sting, U2, maybe even stuff from the recent Brit Pop era (Oasis, Blur, Coldplay). My favorite Brit bands (The Smiths, New Order, Echo & The Bunnymen) are probably a little too artsy for their material to be used on a show like this, but maybe one of these singers can impress me with good taste.

    Craig David (7 Days or Fill Me In) is such an obvious choice for Kaleb. Itís time for Jacob to show his rock roots, something by the Stones or maybe Led Zepís Dancing Days? Just a hunch that synth-obsessed Jason is a Duran Duran fan. Even one song wonder Josh could do well with Where The Streets Have No Name. And itís a long shot, but Iím hoping Theresa sings one of my favorite songs- Fields of Gold.

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    I'm really hoping Kalan will sing something by Eric Clapton. Sure, it's not always the most vocally challenging of music, but if he can show the emotion that is needed for a lot of Clapton's songs, he will have just proven how good he is again. I could totally see him being able to pull off Layla or My Father's Eyes.

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