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Thread: GROUP FOUR - Contestant Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyblue
    Jason is the best male singer in the competition. He just needs to drop the cocky attitude and start belting like no tomorrow. No more ballads. More rock, country and soul.
    I wouldn't go that far.... his singing is emotionless....he can sing but I just wasn't feelin it!!!!!
    He really needs to step it up if he wants to win this competition.

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    Agree and disagree. His audition performance had so much emotion and he exuded confidence. He reminded of Tyler Hamilton. But somewhere along the way he lost his mojo. He's getting by right now on his vocal talent but not the quality of his performance.

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    I've never been particularly impressed by him and his whole 50 songs a night spiel. He reminds me of Josh Gracin or some other poor man's nashville star. He does have a strong voice, but is weak in the charisma department (outside of simple dimple-flashing) and high in the ego department.

    To make matters worse, the way he argued with the criticism lost him a lot of points. Hell, he even made the little bit of praise he got sound bad:

    "You sang well..."

    "Singing is all that matters."

    "Well, not really, but..."

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