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Thread: GROUP THREE - Contestant Thread

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    GROUP THREE - Contestant Thread

    Note: Once we're down to the Top 10, we will have individual contestant threads. In the meantime, keep contestant discussion in the applicable group thread

    Group Three

    Diane Archer

    Age: 21

    Occupation: Student

    Hometown: Woodstock, ON

    Audition city: Toronto

    Constant Bernard

    Age: 20

    Occupation: Student

    Hometown: Rockland, ON

    Audition city: Ottawa

    Andrew Broderick

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Student

    Hometown: Sharon, ON

    Audition city: Toronto

    Jacob Hoggard

    Age: 19

    Occupation: Apprentice Carpenter

    Hometown: Abbotsford, BC

    Audition city: Vancouver

    Valerie Jalbert

    Age: 19

    Occupation: Cosmetician

    Hometown: Saint-Jerome, QC

    Audition city: Montreal

    Bernard Quilala

    Age: 22

    Occupation: Nursing Student

    Hometown: Edmonton, AB

    Audition city: Edmonton

    Jerrica Santos

    Age: 16

    Occupation: Student

    Hometown: Surrey, BC

    Audition city: Vancouver

    Theresa Sokyrka

    Age: 23

    Occupation: Musician

    Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

    Audition city: Regina
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    Theresa all the way.
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    Theresa, Bernard and Diane are my picks. All three have phenomonal voices.

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    Jerrica and Jacob for me. Theresa is good but she compares herself to Ani DiFranco and I don't get an Ani vibe from her at all.

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    Theresa, Jacobb & Constant. Like I said before, I have to root for Constant since he was in one of my University class. LOL
    -phusion :phhht

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    Definitely Theresa!!!!

    Reminds me of Jenny somewhat....just not as unique.

    So, yeah, I'd put though Theresa and I guess Jacob....depending on how he sings. He's kind of a goofball...I like that....he'll be the JPL of Canadian Idol.

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    Go Theresa

    Yeah I get the Jenny vibe from her too. But like you said, she doesn't have the same oddness... though she did sing god bless the child in her audition o.o;

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    Jacob is from my town. I am not watching this show unless he gets really far. I think he was the one who got arrested after the Canucks won a game in the playoffs. Stop light surfing

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    I think Theresa has a phenominal voice,She should be one of the two to advance. Wow a great voice from Saskatoon, go Theresa.

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    Theresa's voice impressed the heck out of me in the prior shows. IMO, Bernard's voice is overrated and he couldn't even learn the words to one simple song the last time we saw him

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