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Thread: GROUP THREE - Contestant Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by addikted
    This is my first season watching CI. Were the song choices better last year? I was pleasantly surprised by many of the song choices in the initial auditions.
    Last year, the song selection wasn't any better than this year, I'll admit. But there were a few bold choices that made you jump. Jenny Gear's "Tower of Song," Richie Wilcox's "Your Smilin Face," and Joni Rodney's "You've Changed." These performances opened your eyes to the uniqueness of CI contestants. The singers were not necessarily better talented than AI, but a nice alternative.

    Maybe I'm wrong. It's not the song selection. Maybe the artistry in this year's crop of singers is just stale. I remember in last year's top 32, contestants performed songs previously done on AI. Billy Klippert did a cool rock spin on "Superstar." Sherry St-Germain did a spunky, funk/soul rendition of "Chain of Fools." Toya's "I believe in you and me" was a jaw-dropping vocal display. Andrew stretched his voice to the limits on "Lately." Christina Aguilera and Norah Jones songs were given a completely new face by Audrey and Karen-Lee. Last year singers had originality which went beyond song choice.

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    Last year's show sounds interesting. I think CI2 has been great so far, although I don't have season one to compare it to. I don't really expect anything groundbreaking from a show with amateur singers performing cover songs. So I'm just enjoying that the singers are giving us a good show.

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    For Jacob fans, here's his band's website:
    There's a bunch of pics and music to check out.

    They did a show in Abbotsford tonight, unfortunately I had to work so I missed it.
    But apparently CTV was there getting some footage.


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