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Thread: 6/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Was Kyla singing "I Will Remember You"? I absolutely love that song.
    That was Danielle Falco. She also sang with Jason in the duets round. They were asked to sing a second time.

    Kyla is singing next week. She's my absolute fav but I think she's a longshot. Joshua, Annie and Brandy seem to be popular on the fan boards. Kyla's style doesn't seem to fit Idol. Very laidback, soulful, mature. Probably more suited to jazz.
    VERY pleased Annie is still in, as well, and Andrea
    Sorry, but Andrea was cut. I liked her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stEEvEEdEE
    Today I fell in love with Jacob, the pierced-lip joker from BC. He is going to make this competition interesting!
    I agree with you stEEvEEdee. He's quite the character.

    I also like Theresa and Manoah. I agree with AJane about Kaleb. Shane sells perogies so I can't say anything bad about that. Mmmm... Perogies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    Annie, Kalan, Jason (who looks like Ricky Martin ) and Manoah are all safe, which is a very good thing.

    Jeez, I thought I'd been listening to William Hung too many times. I though he looked like Ricky too.

    Mmmmmmm perogies

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    Enough talk of perogies, I'm starting to get homesick again (although we were over for dinner at a friend's place a few weeks ago and he made these fabulous mushroom perogies.... )

    Back to CI...I thought Andrea was still around. Ah well. Yes, Ryan's hair and clothes are from fashion hell. Nice to see Billy again, although we didn't see MUCH of him, the cameras seemed to be focused on Gary...or was it just me?
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    Any camera time with Gary is too much. Especially when there is a perfect opportunity to get a close up of Billy. *sigh* stupid camera people.

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    It wasnt just you Jane.. too much Gary not enough Billy and Audrey. I think Danielle should have her eye on the prize.. she seems to be the total package
    I Jason Greeley he could sing to me anytime .. doesnt mean I'll vote for him if he isnt good though!
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    Speaking of Mrs Robinson, I thought Manoah Hartmann (the school teacher) was going to give her duet partner some extra "tutoring". Man, if I had teachers that looked like Manoah, I'd still be in school.

    Oh yes, I love perogies as well.

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