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Thread: Article: Fantasia's example: Go for it anyway

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    Article: Fantasia's example: Go for it anyway


    Fantasia's example: Go for it anyway


    Knight Ridder Newspapers

    (KRT) - What's a 17-year-old pregnant high school dropout supposed to do?

    She could hide in her room, lock the door and never come out.

    She could visit a far-away relative and return home refreshed and noticeably thinner.

    She could work at a succession of dead-end jobs and become a frustrated, bitter example for her child.

    She could get an abortion, go back to school and act as though nothing in her life had changed.

    Or, if she's Fantasia Barrino, she could admit she's made mistakes and become the best mother she knows how to be.

    She could gather up some self-esteem and pursue a dream of becoming a performer.

    She could lose a shoe on the way to becoming a winner.

    The millions of people who voted Barrino the latest "American Idol" obviously approve of her choice and her voice. But others have decided that who she is makes her unfit for her "title."

    The first time I heard the comment I thought it was a joke. What's an "American Idol," anyway? It's not a sacred trust. It's a fabricated singing crown bestowed by an over-hyped TV ratings blockbuster. Those kids weren't competing for Pope.

    If you think your child will look to a TV singer for life wisdom, the contestants on Fox are the least of your worries.

    Fantasia Barrino of High Point, N.C., went to a singing audition and did pretty well. Who knows what kind of career she eventually will have, but right now she has a recording contract, a car and a chance. Sounds like the American dream.

    You'd think Barrino would be a perfect example of a person who didn't give up. Instead, a girl whose first name might as well be "19-year-old single mother," is being told by some that she should never have tried.

    Though not a regular viewer of the show, I caught enough snippets of Barrino to admire her voice and her confident attitude. Then I heard others describe the confidence as arrogance, her style as ghetto. They picked apart her family and her accent.

    I didn't see any of that. Maybe I didn't bother picking apart her flaws because I have enough of my own.

    Going for it - knowing that every piece of your life will be on display, knowing you will be judged too old or too young, too chubby or too sassy - takes a lot of guts if you're an adult. The "American Idol" contestants are under 25. I wonder how many critics of any age would take that chance.

    Barrino and the others put it all on the line, and I say more power to them.

    I most regret the times I was too timid, not too bold.

    I suspect it's the same for most people. That's why I'm surprised there are still those who sit in judgment, deciding what opportunities are off-limits to which people.

    I don't know how they keep their ledgers in order.

    Never mind pleasing Simon, Paula and Randy. For the arbiters of correctness, Barrino will never be good enough; her penance will never be done.

    At 19, one high-school dropout was smart enough not to listen.


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    That was a very interesting read. Thanks LaLahLand for posting. It's good to see that there are some open-minded people out there.

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    that was deep. truthful and nice.

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    I totally agree with the reporter who wrote this article. If Fantasia were my daughter I would be SO proud of her!!! What do people really expect that Fantasia should have done? Walked around in sack cloth and ashes? Oh brother!!! It was Fantasia who encouraged Diana not to have a boyfriend at 16!!! Why? Because she has learned from experience that things can get out of hand physically. She has not only learned from her past but is probably is a better Mom than those who would Mom's who would judge her unfairly. Just my opinion.

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