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Thread: Fantasia's 'Diva' Behaviour

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobDobolina
    I suspect AI withdrawal. After a 24/7 intravenous linke of AI coverage, they now have to deal with complete cold turkey of news. Making stuff up probably takes the edge off.

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    Teen Hollywood reports that Fantasia asked producers to instead sheperd the guests "into the bowels of CBS somewhere".
    Now you know this is bogus. Who in their left,not right, mind would believe this came out of Fantasia's mouth? They could have at least made this hideous rumour a little more believeable.

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    There's always gonna be Tasia haters out there, they hated her throughout the show and they just knew she was going to loose, now they are hating her even more.... "bowels" hahahaha they could have done better.
    I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too...

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