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Thread: who's your favorite?

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    who's your favorite?

    Whos your favorite so far? I like the dude from Upper Island Cove. his name is Jason.

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    Kalan what a doll.

    I also really like Andrea & Teresa.

    There's a lot of good ones, but those are my favourites.
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    Jason's the best male singer so far. Kalan, Brock, Barrett and Shane have the Clay Aiken syndrome. But hey. Their voices are stronger any of the male singers on AI3. Okay, that's not saying much.

    My current favourites are Theresa, whose God Bless the Child audition was the GBTC audition to end all GBTC auditions, Annie and Kyla, the girl who sang REM. I'm really liking this group of contestants. It should be deep top 32.
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    Brock Goombridge, AKA Farmer Boy, auditioned in Toronto.
    Amy Ballagnn, girl who sang Little Mermaid even with the giggles. Auditioned in Toronto.
    Daniel Duplus, hottie. Auditioned in Toronto.
    Jason Greeley. Was sick when auditioned but was great. Auditioned in St. Johns.
    Liz Titan. 16, really good... don't remember a lot though. Auditioned in Montreal.
    Chhaya Dewans, 25. Pretty good, friends with Karina. Auditioned in Montreal
    Karina Morin, 26. Good, friends with Chhaya. Auditioned in Montreal.
    Annie Lefebvre, 23. Good, was French, didn't think she'd get in, did get in. Auditioned in Montreal.

    All those people got into the Top 100.

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    I liked the girl in Winnipeg(I Think) that sang "God Bless The Child"

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    Don't get attached to them so soon. Some of the good ones will be cut. There are even rumors that some of the really good ones (names mentioned in this thread) have been cut.

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    Wow! I'm amazed that you can even remember any of their names! When I watch the cuts being made I should be lucky to recognize a few faces. I know there were a few contestants that I thought were great, but I sure don't remember their names or what they sang!
    Darn Kangaroos!! I am le tired.

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    That last guy to audition in Vancouver, other than that, pretty much none. Maybe it's 'coz it's the week after American Idol, but comparing to AI auditions, Canadians seem to lack power, though ours are better since there seem to be more than vocals we put into our auditions than Americans who seem to try to sing the judges off , e.g. Diana Degamo, Amy Adams, etc, as opposed to Canadians who are less in your face

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    Annie, Serge, Kalan, Theresa. And "Brigdenite" Joshua. But only because those stand out in my mind. There were many amazing voices that rival those mentioned here...

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    I liked the big short girl with the black headwrap or whatever it was who sang a Whitney song last night. Nice voice. I also liked the long haired guy from Winnipeg, he didn't know the words, but I like his deep voice, thought it was very sexy.

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