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Thread: Too much Tamyra this season

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    I agree, too. She was pushed in my face so much I want nothing to do with her now. I wasn't one of the few who bought her album and I won't be in the future!

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    What's up with the Tamyra hatin

    1. Yes, there was way too much Tamyra, should have been Raindrops Will Fall once, Star (recorded version with clips), and on the finale she could have done Ha Ha or Faces. Instead, they have her do "RWF" twice, have her sing Star live with the annoying clips in the background where I could not really see her, and have her try to sing the standard Star Spangled Banner acapella instead of the Whitney version that she does so well.

    2. Everybody had a shot to write the single, they sent it to all their writers and the people who she co-wrote the song with pulled her into and it was the best of the bunch. If you had any doubts about it listen to the #2 finisher "Dreams". If Fantasia was forced to sing that song it would have cost her the contest.

    3. Why is everybody hatin on Tamyra when it should be 19 getting the blame. When I put up a Top 5 list earlier she was consistently up there and now because 19 overpimped her on "AI" she now has no talent. Considering that 19 released her CD with no promotion outside of AI, no single has been released to radio, no video has been released yet, and 19 has apparently alienated her to "AI" fans 40,000 in sales is pretty good.

    4. Oh yeah I have the CD and it is one of if not the best idol CD created thus far, and for those who want to see more of her she will be on the CBS Early show tomorrow June 5th performing 3 songs.

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    I would totally blame "19" for the fact Tamyra was on so much,though personally i would would have been happy if she was on every week! I can never get enough Tamyra on my tv!But any way the morons at "19 " never sent Tamyra's cd to radio to promote her that way and instead chose idol as their way of doing it! Both K-lo and Josh had/have top 20 airplay songs at diffrent radio formats on time of release of their cd's .Also many record stores never recieved Tamyra's cd to sell as well! People should not blame a beautiful and talented singer ,songwriter and actress for the stupidity of 19 e and their way of promoting Tamyra !She deserves better!

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    I really liked how last year she was only on once - and that was top 3 results where she performed Over The Rainbow - which I thought was outstanding (I think there was also a Behind The Scenes at Boston Public or something like that too, though). But there was also Justin and Kelly coming back a couple of times too, which I thought was great, but this year its been too much Tamyra.

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    Hi There,

    I was a fan of Tamyra until she did in my opinion a terrible job on the Star Spangled Banner. When are people going to realize that this is our "National Anthem". Love the song, hate how hard it is to sing the song, but show it the proper respect and sing it the way it's suppose to be sung. All these people who feel that they have to put in their own interpretation of the song, there are plenty of other songs that they can do this to. Stop messing around with our country's song.

    As for Tamyra herself, her promotion on AI this season just runs in line with everything else that AI did this year regarding promotion of products. Lets not make any mistakes, Tamyra is a product. I had to really laugh when Ryan on one of the later shows squeezed just about every product endorsement in one sentence. It was like making fun of yourself and if you cant make fun of yourself then you shouldnt be making fun of other people.

    If 19 cant promote Tamyra on their show and take andvantage that they have a vehicle to do so on a pretty regular basis, then where else should she be promoted.

    I disagreed with the idea that she co-wrote the winner's song but that's a different topic entrely....
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    I am not American, but thought she totally butchered your national anthem. What was that last note anyways?? Lots of people do wonderful interpretations, but the main point, I think, is that they remain true to the melody and do not change keys. Normally, I think she is a great singer, but I could barely listen when she sang the "Star Spangled Banner"....just my opinion but I was surprised at how badly she sung it.

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    I actually thought the majority of Star Spangled Banner was good although a lot of it was real jittery as if she had lots of nerves - I kinda remember her being like that with Over The Rainbow. But that last note sort of ruined the whole performance as it left a bitter ending. If only it had been a bad note during the song, so she could have recovered from it and showed she really is great. Thats kinda what happened with kelly last year - singing One Voice on the Final, she had a real bad note just as the song was shifting up a gear, but carried on stronger and ended brilliantly.

    Also - anyone know Tamyras first audition was? And Ive heard she sang Through the Grapevine somewhere - where? AI Juniors?

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