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Thread: Contestants You'd Like To See Audition Again For AI4

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    AI Critic

    Contestants You'd Like To See Audition Again For AI4

    I brought this up to see who would be favored to come back and audition for yet another shot in the finals. The ones where this has happened to were considerable wild cards Matthew Metzger and the popular Lisa Leuschner, plus finalist Amy Adams.

    Michael Keown:
    If he loses the cockiness and showcases that effortless voice, he's got a huge chance. And yes, he did say he will definately see the judges again next year.
    Nicole Tieri (Scooter Girl):
    She's was the one under America's radar, but was unfortunately cut right before the 32. Hopefully if she comes back she won't be overlooked.
    Alan Ritchson:
    I can see him coming back and making it to Hollywood and trying to get his work done. He was one of my personal faves and hope to see him make it again.
    Martha Krable (Army Girl):
    I really don't understand what threw the judges off not to advance her, but I'd like to see her get a second shot.

    Others I've seen surfacing in this forum are Bao Viet (the son of the refugee parents and sang "Lately"), Jasmine Artega (the small girl with the big voice), Kira Scott (the attitude one who made Paula upset), Lauren Enswiler (the girl with the song she wrote about her gay friend), or Sarah Silva (the one Simon compared to Kelly). Who do you think?

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    Nicole Tieri, Elizabeth LeTendre and Lisa Leuschner out of the people not getting into the top 32 this year. Especially the last two because of the whole wildcard show fiasco! There are others I can think of by sight, but do not unfortunately remember the names of. As far as I understand it, they can only try out twice though, right? So that would rule out Lisa Leuschner from trying out again, if I'm right.
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    Yeah I like most of yours, AIC - Alan, Michael, Lauren and Sarah S. I also really liked Sara Logan and Bao Viet.

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    Jeffrey Dingle - Desperado Guy!

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    Marque Lynch
    He was fantastic in Group 1 (he was right after Diana). He was later called back again for the Wildcard show but didn't even get to perform because the judges thought that he was too much of a "stage singer"... I say, whatever - I was rooting for him from the second I saw that he was going to be on the Wildcard show. It broke my heart when I found out he wasn't even gonna sing! :rolleyes I heard that if you already reached the top 32 for one season, you can't enter again. Is it true?

    Bao Viet
    He was pretty good, didn't see why he got cut...

    Matt Metzger

    Elizabeth Letendre
    She was in Group 3, then in the Wildcard show - Simon said that she didn't have the "it" factor :rolleyes

    Alan Ritchson (?)
    Paula's lap dancer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pintobean
    Jeffrey Dingle - Desperado Guy!
    I remember him. Good-looking kid. Jeffrey, Scooter Girl (who I really enjoyed), Lisa Leuschner, Katie Webber, Erskine Walcott, Jasmine Artega (we should have a Jasmine every competition ), Suzy Vulaca , and Brienna (the rocker girl who should've chosen a better song).

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    who was that tall girl with the really long red hair? She was amazing! She was pitch perfect, and her singing reminded me a lot of Kelly Clarkson.

    She should come back... I can't believe she was cut.


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    galaga - that was Sarah Silva I believe - Simon said that she reminded him of her vocally too, but her personality blended into the background. I liked her a lot too actually

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    Michael Keowyn (or whatever his last name was). Maybe after having eaten some humble-cakes?

    Scooter Girl.

    The Military Girl. What was her name? The first audition. I didn't think she was amazing, but she was good. I'd like to hear her sing a different song.

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    Laketa Booker, Scooter Girl, Sarah Silva, and Lauren Einswiler.

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