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Thread: Finalists on On Air

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    I saw most of it...after this and Nascar, I think Amy Adams truly was shortchanged with that 10th place finish, because she sounded really good with both. Good thing she'll be on the tour but man that hair is horrendous.

    Someone should send JPL an anonymous note, politely informing him that his "jokes" are just not funny. He sounded fine though, actually I thought they all sounded fine (even Camile) except for George Huff, what in the world happened to him?

    It's weird how most of the interesting personalities were eliminated early - Matt, Amy, JPL, Jennifer, etc. Jasmine and LaToya have good voices, but when they talk I almost immediately fall asleep. and Diana has a very bubbly personality, but it's to the point where it's offputting. Fantasia certainly has that star quality though. OH and it seemed like Diana and Fantasia were hanging all over each other (more Diana on Fantasia though) during the show, it felt kinda artificial and forced.

    As a group though, the finalists do have great chemistry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haerpino
    I OH and it seemed like Diana and Fantasia were hanging all over each other (more Diana on Fantasia though) during the show, it felt kinda artificial and forced.
    It seemed like genuine admiration & respect to me.
    "So, what is fame? It's lightening that strikes some people. It's lightening that some people seek." Jewel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayarinca
    I thought that Trenyce was the one who smelled. There was talk of her never washing her hair.
    I also heard it was Trenyce that had a smell to her, either way it was pretty stupid for Ryan to even bring it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Though I havn't heard him since the finale, JPL has been getting good reviews on his singing. Maybe it's no wonder why he has a CD coming out.

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    kitsch, it's a good thing Omarosa is not here-you'd become famous for your pot/kettle thoughts!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIer_admirer
    -- Fantasia saying she wanted to tape Jennifer's mouth up some nights
    Why did she say that?

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    oh no, was Camile really that bad?!
    Ive read on loads of other boards that she seemed really at ease and her personality came across well, though! :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobDobolina
    As for the body odor thing, it was pretty clear to me he was referring to Reuben. He said something to the effect that "I'm not going to say who it is, but I think you can figure it out." The only obvious person is Reuben.
    :rolleyes Why was it "clear" he was talking about Ruben or anybody else, for that matter? Ryan was probably joking about the odor thing. And if he was referring to Ruben, it certainly had to be joke beause, in several articles, including the profile in People magazine, Ruben was described as practically obsessed about good hygiene and grooming. Ryan (the jokes about his messy hairstyle aside) has also indicated in interviews that he (Ryan) is kind of a hygiene fanatic.

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    Pillbeam, I'm puzzled by the 'must be Ruben' attitude, also. If anyone was up front about how he feels about good hygiene, it was Ruben. And, no matter when I've seen him or what he was wearing from jogging suits to dress suits, he always looked neat and clean. I also know some ladies that have met him personally at occassions (parties & after concert events) where he would have been dancing, and their one comment was, "I got to hug him, and he smelled so good". Whether Ryan was joking or serious, it was a stupid remark and worse to word it in the way he did, so people would automatically assume he meant Ruben, which is just another diss on the man's size, as usual.
    :phhht to Ryan!
    Sing & dance the night away!

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    I don't understand how it was worded to sound like it was directed at Ruben? I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just didn't take Ryan's comment that way. I agree that it was a tacky remark to make, either way.

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