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Thread: Leah and Matt not on the tour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    No show has ever been saved, nor any network decisions based on, an internet petition. If you can show me one case where that has happened, I'll change my tune.

    Yes, shows have been saved, and what-not, due to an outpouring of fan interest. But specifically internet petitions, not one. Ever.
    Hmm, I don't know if that's a fair challenge. The fact there's not a case where a TV show got renewed based solely on a petition doesn't say much. Changing an (often stubborn) network decision is a significant task, and all the credible effort seem to include more than just internet petitions as a technique. I can't imagine a network would specifically credit the internet petition portion of an effort, since doing so would encourage them to happen every time they make an unpopular decision.

    But that said, I've read in the past that Charmed got at least one renewal primarily because of the fan petition. There was a lame sitcom a year or two ago that got renewed similarly, but it's name escapes me (was it Life with Bonnie or Grace Under Fire? Oh I don't know. I don't watch sitcoms.) Several series apparently got intermediate results of DVD box sets that include new, or at least previously unseen episodes, as a results of petitions (Firefly, Freaks and Geeks, Wonderfalls come to mind.) Outside of TV, there are apparently many political petitions that have been successful in garnering support for certains bills that were in consideration at the time.

    And tbh, we're talking about bringing two more kids along on an already hugely profitiable tour, not the multi-million dollar risk of adding additional seasons to a struggling show. IMO, it's at least feasible it could work. If there's any series that likes to cater to its crazy fans, it's AI. Well, that's my 2 cents in support of online petitions, which I'm not particularly a big supporter of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXlurker
    I might be wrong but I thought I heard something about Star Trek Enterprise being saved because of one..or maybe it was a poll or something.
    You right.

    NEVER underestimate the power of Trekkies!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I agree with the majority, they all should go. I felt bad for Vennessa last year because she was the only one who didn't end up going.
    wait... why?

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    Last year the crazy Clay fans got them to change his single to include Bridge Over Troubled Water instead of On the Wings of Love. Well it was probably more of an indirect thing. Everybody went crazy over his performance and they saw dollar signs...

    I only liked Leah when she sang I Have Nothing but then she stole Suzy's spot. I never cared for Matt.. but I think they should let them go anyways. Maybe Leah can cry to Paula and Paula can do some favors with her assets? : Who knows..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobDobolina
    I don't know. Some petitions have worked in the past. Even though some of the more notable ones didn't, there are a several series that got extra seasons out because of fan petitions. Farscape supposedly got the miniseries wrap-up they're working on now because of the fan movement.

    While Farscape did have petitions, John is right, they didnt directly contribute to the new miniseries coming out.

    As a diehard Scaper, myself and others tried to take the smart, diplomatic approach i.e. sending emails, calling Sci-Fi, sending Flowers,etc. And it didnt hurt that Matt Roush (TV Guide critic) is a fan as well..Farscape has a diehard following, and the actors and producers are very respectful and receptive of the fans...

    AI,OTOH, is a money making juggernaut. Its not out to be innovative or creative, its out to MAKE MONEY. And if by not bringing Leah (which is fine w/me) or Matt w/them and still making the same amount of money, its a smart business decision..

    BTW I am a HUGE AI fan. Just my $.02

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcamp393
    This just shows that AI cares more about making a profit than these kids' careers. Matt and Leah would have gotten great exposure on this tour which could have led to a nice little career, but that won't happen because AI wants to cut their travel costs down a bit.
    Oh, it's a profit deal.

    Actually I can't think of any shows where the producers care more about the actors/contestents than they do about making a profit. That's the whole point of putting the show on.

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    Let me jump on the bandwagon here and agree with some of you. I don't think it's right to let us get attached to 12 and then only allow 10 to tour...yet one more way to grease the axle. If they were good enough to get on the show, they should be good enough to go on tour. That being said, haven't they always specified that only 10 would be on tour? I also think they should do a "diva" tour with only divas. I'd definitely go to that!!! Fantasia, Diana, LaToya, Jennifer, and Amy. That would be awesome!!

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    the first 2 to get booted out dont get to go, this is from the first ai, only 10 get to perform

    corey didnt go because he was kicked out of the competition for some legal matter

    josh didnt go because he had to go back to military duties, he was given enough time off when he was still in the contest

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    it sucks that they wont be on tour, the tour wasnt worth going to last year because 3 of the final 12 werent there, josh should have been on tour, i like matt and it would be great to see him in concert, well i got my tickets already so there is no backing down from the tour but it would be so much better with all 12


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    I don't know if it true or not (I hope not), but I think Matt's Mom has cancer and is not doing well. Leah's voice leaves a lot to be desired.

    I thought it would be nice if they could appear on the show that is near their home town, but it just isn't going to happen.

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