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Thread: NEW JUDGES? Who Would You Pick?

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    AI Critic
    Changing the judges panel wouldn't be the greatest idea. It'd take a chunk of the originality of the show. Altering the panel each season sounds more reasonable than having grown up with these 3 then suddenly replacing any of them.

    I thought Quentin was cool but then the volume of his presence was just too, I don't know, over the top. I liked his honesty, but boy, his comments on Diana were unnecessarily harsh.

    I thought Pete Waterman from the UK show created good honesty (on Kelly on World Idol), and the bickering between him and Simon was amusing.

    I thought Gladys Knight from both season 2 guest judge and American Juniors had toned comments that seem comfortable for the show. Like she knew exactly what she wanted to say.

    Bottom line, use them as guest judges. Don't replace the throne of Randy, Paula, and Simon. When I think about it, if I see in articles or episodes "your judes, Clive, Gladys, and Simon," it just doesn't work.

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    I say get rid of all three. I'm so annoyed with them and their manipulation.

    The repacements should be......

    Clive Davis: Simliar experiences to Randy, but has a MUCH better ear for music and is intelligent.

    Either Ginger or Scary Spice: Both washed up 90's pop stars, like Paula, but Ginger would be more brassy and fun and Scary would be more coherent I doubt either one would have put Leah in the top 12 :rolleyes .

    Well, I suppose we could keep Simon. If his cohorts were actually judging, he wouldn't need to. He is certainly more mature than Randy or Paula, although he did force Carmen upon us. Maybe the guy from Superstar could be his replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubenIZMyne
    I don't think the judges should be changed. They are half the show. Simon even said he wouldn't do the show if there were any other judges. IMHO, I think the three of them fit well together.

    I don't think AI would be as good without Randy, Paula and Simon.
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    I liked the judges from <i> Fame</i> and <i> Nashville Star</i> much better!

    We need to retain Simon, even as much as I dislike him. :phhht

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    How about Ozzy or Marilyn Manson? They'd sure spice things up. Speaking of washed up, how about Vanilla Ice or an ex-New Kid!

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    I think we are stuck with Simon Cowell.

    All five judges from two seasons of Nashville Star would be great. In fact, replacing Paula with Tracy Gershon and Randy with Robert K. Oermann would expose Simon as the poseur that he is. The Warren Brothers would be good too.

    Tone Loc and Vitamin C from WB Superstars would be good replacements for Randy. I'd also go for Ted Nugent, because he wouldn't take any crap from anyone.

    Replacements for Paula: Either Patti Labelle or Jann Arden.

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    I'd suggest the judges stay the same. They've become an institution, for better or worse.

    Clive Davis gives me the creeps. Could be the way he was checkin' out Fantasia a few weeks ago

    Tarantino was great, a good guest judge, not a regular tho.

    Michael Jackson - hope you were kidding

    Carole King - dream on

    Carly Simon - dream on

    Courtney Love - kidding again, right?

    Quincy Jones - see King & Simon

    What about the two old guys in the balcony from the Muppet Show? hmm ok maybe not

    Prince would be awesome but probably another dream-on proposition


    LaToya was robbed !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katelyn&Carmen
    Gladys Night
    Michael Jackson
    Clay Aiken

    I think that there would be a really good chemistry between the three.

    Gotta be careful, Michael might do something to Clay, thinking he's a little boy..

    Then again, they can all "Ease on Down The Road" together

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    The judges are half of the show. It wouldn't be the same without them. I do agree with some of you that said they should stop showing who they favor and start giving constructive criticism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned
    What about the two old guys in the balcony from the Muppet Show?

    What a great substitute for the puppets already there!

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