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Thread: 8 Of The Finalists On Hand To Perform "National Anthem" @ The Coca-Cola 600

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    I thought everyone sounded pretty good.
    I'm a fan and even I was surprised at how well JPL sang his mini-chunk of the Anthem. Kind of boggles the mind how his last two peformances (albeit teeny-tiny solos on ET and NASCAR) have been unnaturally strong. But that's neither here nor there and off topic.

    Amy sounded great. George sounded good but he kind of hurt my ears...nonetheless sounded great. Camille? I like her voice a lot. Especially on ET ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough"). But didn't love her take on the National Anthem.

    I thought Amy and JPL stood out singing the Anthem. But everyone sounded good enough.

    I thought Latoya and Jennifer (why do the people with the "best" voices have to try and out-do eachother with glory notes? UGH!) sounded the worst (but by no means bad or anything).

    Actually, John Stevens underwhelmed me the most. Just blah. But he hit all his notes. So thank goodness for small miracles!
    Jennifer continues to impress me though with the richness in her voice...so dramatic! Should be on Broadway with a voice like that. I love it!

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    where can I hear this?

    Hey everyone... does anyone know where I can find the audio of this, or a video link on the internet? I'd really love to see it.

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