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Thread: Unforgettable Moments Throughout AI3

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    Ohhh right. Is that the one people call Goat Girl or something? This show is too much sometimes. I remember her "departure". What a classy gal.

    p.s. thanks for remembering

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    - Leah sobbing after finding out she didn't make the top 3 in her group. She fell victim to some major bashing after that!

    - Oh, and Jennifer's model runway pose when Simon said her outfit looked like "something you'd wrap a turkey in"...! lol

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    -paula being wasted every other week

    -diana's first and second performance of 'dont cry out loud'

    -latoya coming out of nowhere with 'all by myself'

    -george huff's adorable smile

    -the 3 divas in the bottom three

    -jasmine's reaction when she was safe

    -jennifer hudson's dress (you know which one i'm talking about)

    -latoya's exit song


    -leah getting into the top 12 instead of susan vulaca (blasphemy!)

    -john stevens performance being like chocolate ice cream & onions

    -fantasia's talent being bigger than her lips

    -fantasia's broken shoe

    -william hung

    -simon's comment to jasmine that her performance was like a dinner with paula "sweet but forgettable"

    -simon saying that fantasia was the best idol from any competition

    -jennifer's circle of life performance
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    Fantasia's lap dance to Clive Davis
    only here occasionally due to work schedule... here mentally even less BTW... you can just call me poke

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    Mine are

    - Fantasia then Camiles 1st audtions - I fell in love with both of them right there!

    - LaToya shining in group 3 - just WoW!
    - JPL getting the WC vote

    - Jasmine singing on Soul Night - I was like WoW!

    - Jennifer singing Circle Of Life - Again WoW!

    - Camile's farewell performance and how she changed the lyrics - just beautiful!

    - Fantasia's Summertime - again - a WoW for me!

    - The whole shock of Manilow results night

    - Fantasia winning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokealot214
    Fantasia's lap dance to Clive Davis
    Haha! That was very funny! And skeevy..........

    I just remembered another favorite moment...

    "I'm leaving you 'cuz you like boys too......."

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    I'd change that from "Fantasia's lap dance to Clive Davis" to "Clive Davis, a perv of an old man, trying to cop a feel while Fantasia was singing."

    Raretruffle: Lauren Ensweiler from my homestate (MS! Yay!) sang Summertime in her Atlanta audition. I loved her voice and thought her Summertime was great until I heard Fantasia and couldn't listen to Lauren's anymore. I also remember when she told Randy, "Don't lose anymore weight! I like the big man!"

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    Here's my list:

    -The night the 3 divas were in the bottom 3 and Jennifer got voted off

    -LaToya's "Don't Rain on my Parade"

    -Jennifer's "Circle of Life"

    -"Seacrest Out" getting more annoying each week

    -Quention Tarantino as guest judge

    -Diana's "Dont Cry Out Loud"

    -The Roman Brothers

    -Paula putting Leah in the Top 12

    -George's smile and great personality

    -Simon telling Amy she reminded him of Jay Leno

    -LaToya leaving before Jasmine

    -Scooter Girl

    -William Hung's audition

    -The many twists and turns of this season that made it so unpredictable!
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    - Diana and Fantasia both coming out with the two songs Dream and I believe on both of their singles... Kinda weird...
    - The long hug with Jas and JS when he got off
    - JS saying he would chose to date Jas over Diana

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaLiE
    - Diana and Fantasia both coming out with the two songs Dream and I believe on both of their singles... Kinda weird...
    Sheesh you are a broken record.

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