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Thread: Unforgettable Moments Throughout AI3

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    Great picks, AI Critic! Great thread! I agree with almost all, plus:

    - Amy on Country Night! Blew me away!

    - George doing "Take Me To The Pilot" and beaming with joy and wonder every week! His smile! Unforgettable!

    - The early audition where Simon couldn't stop laughing and the contestant was insulted and wanted an apology.

    - Army girl, Martha K. and Scooter Girl and their singing!

    - Matt doing opera in clips.

    - It's worth repeating - the notorious William Hung!

    - Jasmine's flower!

    - Simon & Paula kissing.

    - Simon telling JS it was like chocolate ice cream and onions for him to be singing on Latin Night!

    - The thinner and meaner Randy this year.

    - Getting to hear Kelly & Kim Locke again!

    - Diana - her singing, her grace, her sustained notes, her maturity and the sweetness of her support of Fantasia!

    - Have to repeat, Fantasia first doing "Summertime" and add La Toya doing "Somewhere"!

    - The Finale - a truly, over-the-top extravaganza.

    - The closeness and camaraderie among this Season's Top 5.

    - The way Barry Manilow worked with all the contestants and made new arrangements, when I dreaded him and his music - a pleasant surprise.

    Since it's not new, I'd also like to throw in Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine performing!

    A memorable season.

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    Most of the memorable events seem to have been covered.

    Simon and Paula kissing was huge

    Ryan TRYING to do the "Bobo"

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    This has to be my favorite: On Elton John week when John Stevens sang Crocodile rock. As soon as he started singing, my daughter woke up and started crying (she was only 10 months old then) and my girlfriend and I could not her back to sleep. When John stopped singing, she quieted down, took her bottle, and went right back to sleep again. We laughed about that one for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akuma24601
    The fact that they had the national anthem sung on the finale. What is this, baseball?
    I was waiting for them to drop the puck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akuma24601
    Who could forget those cheesy promo music videos, including such classics as "Splish Splash We Were Taken Aback"?
    I thought it was Splish Splash we were taking a bath?

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    All I agree with, plus

    Jennifer singing "Circle of Life"
    Something I wasn't sure of, but I was in the middle of, Something I forget now - Keane, This is the last time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty8723
    I thought it was Splish Splash we were taking a bath?
    Yeah. I think that's what I meant. . .

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned the "Scooter Girl" Nicole yet.

    Then there were several bets made by Simon Cowell during the auditions about certain people being unable to sing in places like the beach or a restaurant and maintain an interested audience. They usually failed, but one person successfully got a certain number of people to listen to his/her performance all the way through. This person came back to the judges with them in tow, but still wasn't able to go to Hollywood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaycee0521
    dunno the name of the girl but the one who auditioned in houston and each time she sings, the thunder rumbles louder... hehehe.
    HAHAH Sarah Santiago! That may have been the funniest audtion ever.

    "I can read your mind....And I know your story..."

    And the judges kept telling her to stop!

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    Oooh! And "Alan Idol" which really worked out to be "Alan Ido." How could we forget?

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    -Paula's season long battle with sobriety.

    -a couple of guest judges that actually had more substantial comments than the usual ones (QT, Donna Summer)

    -Randy showing off a flashy watch at the finale. I guess he spent it all on the watch and couldn't purchase a tooth?

    -Elton John's befuddling cries of rascism.

    -An unforgettable, totally over the top finale. Fireworks in the Kodak? And such a sweet, grateful winner.


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