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Thread: Next Season's Auditions

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Here are the cities for AI4 listed on their website : Alaska, Cleveland, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Orlando, St. Louis, Washington, DC

    Randy Jackson said that they will also be coming to the staple cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

    I was surprised bu the number of cities they are going to and plus the fact that they are going to Alaska.

    Is anyone going to audition from the FORT?
    I'm in DC, but I sing as about as good as John Stevens Rap hahaha.
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    Am I the only person incredibly excited to see the Anchorage auditions?

    I don't think I sing well, at least not in the calibur of the winners. I do have a friend who I think could win, but she probably wouldn't want to go... Plus, she lives forever away from me, and from an audition location. But she seriously has the best voice I've ever heard. She can even do a dead on Shakira impersonation. Although, I do a dead on Louis Armstrong impersonation.

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    AI Critic
    I guess they threw Hawaii out because they didn't want another massive backup on a residential finalist (sarcastic conspiracy theory)...

    Vegas? Oh boy, I bet they'll be having a cabaret field day down there. Alaska sounds cool...

    About auditioning, I just turned 16 on the last episode of AI3 (yesterday). Old enough, but good enough? I sing, but making comparisons to Diana I don't think I'm as good. Maybe I'll wait a couple years, I really don't think AI is going anywhere soon...

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    Atlanta isn't in the auditions cities next year? Hmmmmm I guess they dont want an Atlantan auditioner to take it or almost take it all again (Clay and Fantasia)...
    My purpose in life is to make a great mother-in-law. Love you Trey!

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    Does anyone know the age cutoff?

    Yippee! They are coming to Orlando! We just moved to Orlando from Montana. (Big guess as to why I never auditioned before) But....I turn 25 this summer. I have seen some contestants with 25 as their age, and I assumed that there was a cutoff date where you had to be no older than 24 by, and that they had their birthdays after the cut off date.....does anyone have any idea what that cutoff date is? Like, "You can be no older than 24 on January 1st, 2004" or "You must be between the ages of 16-24 when you audition", etc. I really want to try, but I think I'll miss the deadline by a couple months.......I really feel old!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    We did some of this in the episode thread, but I'm finding some of the choices fascinating--as well as some of the absences. I don't have the whole list here, but from what I recall...

    New York - out
    Cleveland - in (great choice, since it's a huge music city)
    Honolulu - out
    Anchorage - in
    All cities in Texas - out
    L.A. - still in (I think)
    Nashville - out
    New Orleans - in (not a bad music city)
    Detroit - out (I think)
    St. Louis - in (this is puzzling since Kansas City is nearby, and it's the birthplace of Jazz)

    Are any of my facts wrong here? This is from memory.

    I LIKE it when "music cities" get their chance. Miami, Nashville, New Orleans, Kansas City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Cleveland... those are the classic music cities where entire genres of music were either born,or at least heavily nurtured. Some of these others I don't get, except for geographical distribution. What has L.A. ever produced music-wise, for example, except for a place where all of the talented people from other cities move TO later on?
    Chuck Berry, Ike & Tina Turner, Miles Davis, & Scott Joplin are all music legends from St. Louis. It has been mentioned later on in this thread that Mississippi is the home of the Blues I would add that St. Louis has a place in history as a major contributor to Jazz based Blues & Ragtime. New Orleans Jazz floated up river & combined with St. Louis Scott Joplin & Ragtime to form a new kind of music known as St. Louis Blues. Then in the 40's & 50's rhythym & blues developed in Memphis & St. Louis to give the music a bluesy delivery & a dance beat combined. Sorry for rambling but I don't think St. Louis should be discounted so quickly.

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    I have a really good friend auditioning this year. I hope she goes far, I really enjoy her voice. Last year she tried out and they told her she was really good, but too Nashville Star for AI, so now she's going to try to disguise her country-ness until she (maybe) gets to voting rounds. Hey, worked for Josh, didn't it?

    I'm now old enough to try out, but they're not stopping in Texas. Oh well, maybe AI 5. *crosses fingers*

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    Believe me...nobody is more shocked then us that they're holding auditions here in Anchorage!!! People are pretty excited about the whole prospect, and I think the "lower 48" might be surprized at the caliber of talent we have up here. It's all pretty exciting!!! Guess I'll have to fire up the old kazoo and start practicing!!

    Have they posted the schedule yet as far as when they're going to start these auditions??

    Wouldn't it be something for someone from Alaska to make it??!!
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    i'm excited to see what's in store in alaska! but i wonder... if someone from alaska makes it into the top 12, will we be hearing simon dis alaska and then that contestant makes it to the next round and then we hear all this "you're only in there because of your support from alaska" and blah blah blah???

    i'm disappointed that they aren't going to hawaii again. but they can always fly down hehe...

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    They'll probably get a herd of eskimos auditioning in Anchorage.

    LOL j/k

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