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Thread: Best Performance of Each Week of AI3

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    Group 1: Fantasia Barrino - Something to Talk About

    Group 2: tie bet. Camille Velasco - "One Last Cry" & Lisa Leuschner- "Sweet Thing"

    Group 3: LaToya London - All By Myself

    Group 4: Jasmine Trias - Run To You

    Wild Card: George Huff - Lean on Me

    Soul Week: Jasmine Trias - Inseperable

    Country Week: Amy Adams - Sin Wagon

    Motown Week: triple tie among George Huff - Ain't Too Proud to Beg, Fantasia Barrino- I Heard it Through the Grapevine & Jasmine Trias - You're All I Need (to Get By).

    Elton John Week: George Huff - Take me to the Pilot

    Movie Week: Fantasia Barrino - Summertime

    Barry Manilow Week: Jasmine Trias - I'll Never Love This Way Again

    Gloria Estefan Week: La Toya London - The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

    Big Band Week: tie bet. LaToya London - Don't Rain On My Parade and Jasmine Trias - The Way You Look Tonight

    Disco Week: Diana DeGarmo - This is It

    Final 3: Diana De Garmo - Don't Cry out Loud

    Final 2: Fantasia Barrino - I Believe

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    Group 1 - "Something to Talk About" (Fantasia Barrino)

    Group 2 - "Sweet Thing" (Lisa Leuschner)

    Group 3 - "All By Myself" (LaToya London)

    Group 4 - "Run To You" (Jasmine Trias)

    Wildcard - "I Believe In You and Me" (Jennifer Hudson)

    Soul Week - A tough one. It's a toss up between Fantasia's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" & Jasmine's "Inseprable"

    Country week - Once again we have a tie!!!! "Ain't Goin Down 'til the Sun Comes Up" (LaToya) & "Sin Wagon" (Amy Adams) both win the week!

    Motown - "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" (George Huff)

    Elton John - "Circle of Life" (Jennifer)

    Movies - "Summertime" (Fantasia)

    Barry Manilow - "Weekend in New England" (Jennifer -- what a shame she had to leave after a performance like this!!! )

    Gloria Estefan - "Turn the Beat Around" (Diana DeGarmo)

    Big Band - "What Are you Doing for the Rest of Your Life" (Fantasia)

    Disco - "No More Tears" (Diana)

    Top 3 - "The Greatest Love of All" (Fantasia)

    Top 2 - "I Believe" (Fantasia)
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    group1 - Fantasia
    grou2 - Camile
    group3 - LaToya
    group4 - George
    WC - George

    Soul - Jasmine
    Country - I suppose Ill say... Amy
    Motown - Fantasia
    Elton - Jennifer
    Movies - Fantasia
    Manilow - Diana
    Estefan - Diana
    Big Band - LaToya both
    Disco - Diana - both
    Judges - Dianas last song
    Final - Fantasia


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    Soul - Fantasia's "Signed Sealed Delivered"
    Country - Diana's "A Broken Wing"
    Motown - Fantasia's "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
    Elton John - George's "Take Me To The Pilot"
    Movies - Fantasia's "Summertime"
    Barry Manilow - Diana's "One Voice"
    Gloria Estefan - Diana's "Turn The Beat Around"
    Big Band - Fantasia's "What Are You Doing(With The Rest Of Your Life)"
    Disco - Diana's "No More Tears(Enough Is Enough)"
    Judges Choice - Diana's "Because You Loved Me"
    Contestants Choice - Fantasia's "Chain Of Fools"
    Clive Davis' Choice - Diana's "Don't Cry Out Loud"
    Final Two - Diana's "I Believe" and Fantasia's "Summertime"
    Final Show - Diana and Fantasia's Duet!

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