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Thread: Did (insert conspirators here) know who won in advance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishouldbeworkin
    At 10:05EST the show was over. Correct?
    I was hoping someone else would say it first. I've been enough of a today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pabby
    I apologize if this has already been mentioned anywhere . . . there are so many posts to read since last night that I haven't been able to get through them all yet!

    Our local Fox news affiliate had sent a reporter to CA to attend the AI3 finale. After the show, she had a live (but very short) interview with Fantasia outside the Kodak Theatre. At one point in her report (not during the interview with Fantasia), the reporter mentioned that the fans at the North Carolina arena somehow knew who had won 30-60 minutes before it was announced live on the finale. She offhandedly commented that it still hadn't been discovered how the NC fans knew in advance. I never heard another word about it.

    Did anyone else hear anything about this? (Not that it really matters . . . I was just curious whether it was true that there had been a leak of the winner's name, since I haven't heard anything since.)

    My mom was at the greensboro coliseum, where Clay was hosting Fantasia'a party, and they didn't know who won. They were all partying and playing around, but when it came time to reveal who won, that filled 10,000 seater was DEAD SILENT. If they knew in advance, they'd have partied before hand, and through the actual announcement.

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