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Thread: What should be on Fantasia's CD?

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    What should be on Fantasia's CD?

    Simon calls her a throwback to the past. I think she could definitely re-record some of the "classics".. how's about "respect", or "natural woman" ? It sounds like her type of music. OTOH, being the selfish woman that I am , I'd like her to try her hand at some different genres more toward the pop direction. She seems to enjoy reinventing herself and I'd like to see what she could come up with... might really inject some new life into current pop/top 40.

    Anyway, it should be exciting, because she's so unpredictable. Now, Clay, while I like Clay (he reminds me of the Little Prince), you just knew what he was going to do... he reminds me of that carrot-haired kid we had this season... narrow comfort zone, but does what he does quite well. OTOH, I think Fantasia's prospects are great because who knows what kind of a crowd she will appeal to or what she's capable of ?

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    In addition to "I Believe", I'd like to hear some of the songs she covered over the competition.

    Summertime- Yeah, I want to hear it again! I know everyone else is sick of it, but it sends chills up my spine. Plus you can skip the track on a CD (smile).
    What are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life- A sweet tribute to little Zion, perhaps? I loved that performance, and think it has been underrated in the wake of Summertime.
    Somethin' To Talk About- Just because it makes me wanna dance!
    A duet with Diana DeGarmo....not sure what....Shining Star??

    I'd also like to see her tackle something pop, just to prove the naysayers wrong. I credit Kelly for being able to master more than one genre, and I think Fantasia is up to the challenge.

    I will buy her CD most likely. But George comes first!!

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    I hope that Fantasia's cd has a mix of different genres on it - not just r&B and gospel.

    I would be surprised if "Summertime" is NOT on the cd. I also enjoyed her version of "Chain of Fools" and think it could be a great addition.
    For a touch of disco.... "I love the nightlife" by Alicia Bridges would suit her very well (someone suggested it for her on disco week).
    For a little retro rock she might try something like Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
    And as AIer admirer said... I sould also like to hear her tackle something a little bit more "pop".
    If the song selection is good, the cd will be phenomenal.

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    what a slap in the face for her to have to record that. i think she should steer clear of the sappy, cliche pop that kelly, justin, clay and tamyra have been doing. she's better than that. covering a classic or two would be great, but not too many. i want some original stuff to rock out to
    Praise seitan!

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    Good music. Nothing overproduced as I fear Missy Elliot will do. No guest rappers, that is as tired as it gets. Original, no rehashed songs I don't care how good they were on Idol, hearing Ruben singing Luther on the radio was wrong.

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    Give Her Quality Original Material

    Maybe one or two covers... that's it.

    I'd stay away from the trendy hip/hop or pop sounds... Maybe one or two for the commercial market.

    However, my investment would go into finding lyricist whom can craft a great narrative - something that would let Fantasia - be Fantasia. My all star writing team for her would be:

    Nora Jones
    Alicia Keyes
    Oscar Brown, Jr.
    Yolanda Adams
    Liz Wright

    If Clive is worried about sales, take a look at the numbers for Nora, Alicia and Yolanda Adams.

    Great songs, interpreted by great singers sale.!!!
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    I Believe only b/c it has to
    Chain of Fools
    Change Gonna Come

    Everything else should be original, something fresh that she can totally immerse herself into, so that the consumers get the REAL Fantasia flavor. She should steer clear of that "pop" type music that Kelly for example is into. It's not Fantasia's style IMO.

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    I'd definetly like to hear Fantasia do some old covers. I loved Fool in Love, What are you doing for the Rest of Your Life, Let's Give Them Something to talk about, (my list could go on, so perhaps I should say what I don't want to hear). I don't want to hear any soppy stuff (no Whitney style), no rap, no hip-hop. Gospel, soul, that's what I want!

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    She said on Ryan's show that she wanted to do a little bit of everything. I think her best bet would be to take Randy's advice and find out who she is musically; once that is accomplished (if she hasn't already), she'll truly be unstoppable.

    That said, I'd like to see Summertime on the album. And I'm still hanging onto For Once In My Life. She'd tear it apart and put it back together.

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    Fool In Love has simply got to be on it.

    That was my favourite of her performances this season.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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