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Thread: How many of you will actually go and BUY contestants CD?

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    Personally I think Latoya will be the biggest star despite her reserved personality. I do see her as the pre bobby whitney and someone says a pretty face never hurts and in my opinion Latoya is the one that has the best one out of the finalists this year. I do like Fantasia but im actually not sure if she'll be a huge success. I hope she is but just because she won this doesnt mean she will have long term success. It all depends on the music she sings and we have to remember they are all singing covers of hit songs. Alot of times (ruben) when they give them new material, its so bland that its forgettable. I think I will buy her cd though out of curiosity along with Latoya, Jennifer, George.

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    As with all music in my life right now, if it's available on the iTunes Music Store and I can get the one or two songs that will actually be worth listening to, rather than the whole album, I'll buy the songs.

    Fantasia's voice grates on me, so I'm not sure at this point I'd get her song. I liked the way Diana sang "I Believe" so much better, I'm disappointed she won't be doing the single. LaToya would get a purchase or two from me I think...we need Tamyra to write her album!

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    I don't think there is even a DOUBT that I would buy Fantasia's CD. I also WILL go to her concerts, front and center.
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    Although there were a number of talented singers in AI3, I can't say I feel compelled to buy any of their CDs until I've heard them first. I just didn't grow "attached" (for lack of a better word, lol) to them as the weeks progressed. I've so far purchased Kelly and Clay's CDs, and may end up buying K-Lo's once I've heard more of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty8723
    I almost forgot about Amy. If she does a county CD, I might be interested.
    Its posted she is doing one already!
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    I guess I'll add my 2cents....

    From AI1....

    **Kelly and Tamyra... have Kelly's and will buy Tamyra's CD's. I saw Kelly and Clay in concert and had a blast! Both put on a good show!!

    From AI2.....

    * Big Clay fan.... Saw the AI2 tour (Awesome!!) Saw him with Kelly in concert (Awesome!) and already have tickets to see him again twice this summer! There is a reason WHY Clay is a tripple plat seller..and fills concert arena's, and is one of the most requested guests for the TV shows, and such... he's just a great singer, and performer... and a really decent guys as well. He is clay and will not conform to what the current "Pop" performers are.... simple. That's why he has so many fans from every age.... from 6yr olds to 86yr olds....men, women... If you see him in concert live... it's always a good experience!

    * I've ordered Josh's Cd... I listened to a few samples.. and it's pretty good.
    * Kimberly L's CD is actually really good. Not real crazy about her single (8th world wonder), but there are other songs on the Cd WAY better!
    * I've listened to a couple samples of Kimberly C's CD, and I'm not wow'ed yet... but it's not bad.

    * Ruben... I used to like him... but bought his CD..and don't like it at all.... saw him in CA in Feb.. and he SUCKED!!! The first song was decent.. but he went down hill FAST!! Breathing heavy, out of breath on his songs.. NO stage PERSONALITY WHAT SO EVER!!! He got terrible reviews the next day as well. We talked with about a dozen other Ruben fans after the concert, and they all hated it too... TOTAL waste of $$!! His carreer will not last much longer... AI will keep him somewhat popular with AI fans.. but that's about it.

    * Would be interested to hear a few tracks from Trenece..?

    From AI3 ....

    ** NOT going to the AI3 tour concert.... sorry, just not enough talent or personallity's to make it worth it. Not by a LONG shot!! WORSE season yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * Deffinately will NOT buy Fantasia's Cd... single or not.. Don't like her nasally voice, and HATE her Yeah Yeah Yeah... crap. She has had a few good performances.. but NOTHING I'd ever want to listen to in the car or radio... NOWAY! She might do well in Vegas or nightclubs. Another Ruben.. or worse.

    * Might buy Diana's cd... will have to sample a track or two first. I think she has alot of potential in the pop world or maybe even acting. I think she's WAY better then some of the current "pop" girls... (Hillery Duff, Avril Lavean, etc) I hope she stays a clean cut kid though.. too many slut-wanna-bee's out there already. I could see her going far.

    * Might buy George's cd.... depends on the tracks.... he did great last night!!

    * Latoya? Hmmm.....? Just depends.. it will either be really good.. or REALLY bad!!

    * Amy? She could do a killer country album.... kind of the next Shania Twain?!?! Could do alot in acting as well!!

    The rest of AI3?? ... NOWAY!!!

    Ok, I take that back... Matt... I was on Ryan's Show the day after Matt got voted off..and sat right next to him during the show! He is a REALLY nice guy and funny too! I could see him in movies or sitcom!! Not a singing career.... Unless it's a comedy musical on broadway or something...

    Just my 2cts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    I think Fantasia was a better singer and deserved to win.

    But, I have no intention to go to the store and actually BUY the CDs of any of this year contestants. Noone this year impressed me enough so I'd want to have their CDs.

    I don't have any desire to go and see them in concert either.

    The real success is in the money made AFTER the finals.

    So how many of you are going to spend your money on AI3 stuff?
    I will buy Fantasia CD, I really liked her singing. And I was not impressed with the past winners performances last night. Very boring.....Just my opinion.

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    I heard some of Josh's and saw the video. I really liked it. I think that might be a go. Poor Ruben, it does seem to me he runs out of gas pretty quickly. He is so talented, but I fear for his health.
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    "To err is human, to arr is a pirate"

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    Okay, if Diana's is good and gets good reviews, I'll definitely buy it. If Amy releases a country album, I will buy that one. I won't buy anyone else's though, especially Fantasia, George, Camile, Jennifer, or JPL's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexAlex
    Awsome post, dpiranha!
    Same to you Alex. A couple of comments on yours:

    Fantasia - It seems that everyone wants to count out her first album already, assuming that it will be generic garbage and not the Fantasia for whom America voted. Not so fast! Fantasia...has a very marketable personality which producers will want to come through in her album.
    Fantasia is going to have a most interesting career, but I have a lot of doubts that she'll flourish artistically under AI/19's wing. I predict this will be a very stormy relationship. Fantasia is a risk-taker and an envelope-pusher who would be happy selling 200,000 copies of an album of ambitious pieces, and cheerfully flipping off the 299.8 million Americans who weren't interested in buying it. 19 just wants to sell as many records as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time. Not a marriage made in heaven. How long is she contractually bound to them?

    Diana - Her only other hope is to lose 30 lbs and buy some slutty clothes.
    Where's the smilie for :shootmenow ?

    John - Will have a long career in semi-obscurity. Think Mose Alison.
    Actually, if John can indeed play the piano half decently, as has been suggested, this path could work out very well for him. I wish AI would do a season in which young singer-songwriter-musicians were featured. IMO, Avril Lavigne and Vanessa Carlton both (deservedly) wouldn't make the Top 12 with their voices alone (in Carlton's case, she might not have even made it past the first audition.) But I'd like to hear artists playing an instrument and occasionally singing their own compositions.

    Thought for the Day: Diana has the bubbliness and the pipes. Now if she could play eight instruments and work a production board, she'd be her generation's Debbie Gibson.

    Camille - Nice voice, but a loser. Everything about her says so. She'll go back to serving pancakes. A real shame.
    Her tone is strong enough that she'll make it as a session/backup/commercial singer if she can't work out her under-the-spotlight issues. She won't have to worry about refilling the syrup containers ever again.

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