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Thread: How many of you will actually go and BUY contestants CD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpiranha
    Camille - Her voice tone is very promising, as her AI3 CD single shows. And incidentally, I thought she sounded just fine last night during the medley -- calmer, composed, and on pitch. What were the rest of you watching?
    I was watching the same show as you were! I thought she sounded way better than her past performances. She really should smile more though, she looks too intense (almost angry) on stage.

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    I think Fantasia's single will be a big hit... not just saying that because I love it personally ... her performance of the song was so powerful even during her relatively unrehearsed last performance while she was half breaking down. I can imagine that the "finished" version (once the studio cuts out her yeah yeah yeahs ) will be even more magnificent...

    Anyway, I don't buy singles solely because I love the song... if a performer really impresses me with their rendition of it then sometimes I feel like I've got to get the track just to recall the emotion of their memorable performance. And Fantasia gave me goosebumps with that song... I'm still hearing it in my head. The song itself is mediocre, but it still evokes a lot of emotion in me. Sign of a great performer/artist, n'est-ce pas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justafan1
    I think Fantasia was a better singer and deserved to win.

    But, I have no intention to go to the store and actually BUY the CDs of any of this year contestants. Noone this year impressed me enough so I'd want to have their CDs.

    I don't have any desire to go and see them in concert either.

    The real success is in the money made AFTER the finals.

    So how many of you are going to spend your money on AI3 stuff?
    I'm buying Fantasia's cd. I would have bought Ruben's cd but, got it as a gift.
    I'm curious to see what happens with LaToya. She's amazing and was so good last night.
    I think Fantasia is definately going to be a big star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jebber78
    I'm sorry.. did some of you mention that Camille is making a CD? Are you
    F--king kidding me? She is terrible. How could anyone, other than her immediate family, want to buy that CD? I thought she should have been one of the first of the final 12 gone.

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    I do not really like the new song. I agree with a previous poster that Fantasia will eventually settle into a better music career, she needs to get the obligatory AI cheesy album out first.

    George would be wonderful in a gospel/soul/christian music genre. Latoya I see on stage... broadway???
    "To err is human, to arr is a pirate"

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    The only one I would buy would be John Stevens. Seriously.

    I like Fantasia and would go see her live. I like Diana, but not enough to buy a CD.

    No one else impressed me.

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    I almost forgot about Amy. If she does a county CD, I might be interested.

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    Awsome post, dpiranha! I wan't to give it a try myself.

    Fantasia - It seems that everyone wants to count out her first album already, assuming that it will be generic garbage and not the Fantasia for whom America voted. Not so fast! Fantasia (unlike Kelly, effeminate Clay, or possibly arrogant Ruben), has a very marketable personality which producers will want to come through in her album. If, her first album is a bore, don't worry. We can expect to be wowed, I think, by her soundtrack work. Her soulful voice and ability to emote will I believe be in high demand by those want to borrow a bit of her magic for films.

    Diana - Doesn't have the looks for teen diva, but she is ambitious and has pipes. She could do well in the adult contemporary market later on. Her only other hope is to lose 30 lbs and buy some slutty clothes.

    Jasmine - A lot of talk about tone in AI. Jasmine has it, though not as dramatically as Camille or Fantasia. She does have a vocal quality which is appealing, and does have the looks to be a teen diva. With enough production work, her intermittent vocal problems will disappear. She won't record anything in which I as a grown man would be interested.

    LaToya - Very ambitious. The Tamayra of AI4. Expect to see her in walk on TV roles and anywhere else where she can keep her name out there. She will release a popular r&b (10 generic love-songs) record.

    George - Will probably make a name for himself in some niche market like gospel. A shame, really, because his enthusiasm is very evident and enjoyable in his music. I can't imagine happy, bouncing songs getting much airplay on the r&b stations.

    John - Will have a long career in semi-obscurity. Think Mose Alison.

    Jennifer - ditto dpiranha. Agree completely.

    JPL - Has a real John Fogerty type energy. Could do well as a rocker in a Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies type band.

    Camille - Nice voice, but a loser. Everything about her says so. She'll go back to serving pancakes. A real shame.

    Amy - Might do well as long as she commits to kitsch. I don't think she could be taken seriously. Country is definitely the way to go for her.

    Matt - ditto dpiranha.

    Leah - ditto (and ) dpiranha.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexAlex
    Watched last season, but definitely didn't buy. Wasn't even close to interested. One thing that can be said about seasons two and three is that they were very different. I doubt anyone loved both.

    This season:

    Will buy Fantasia's no matter what. Even if it's not a style I prefer, it will be worth 15 bucks to bring back the memories of her this season. Last night was the best thing I have ever seen on television.

    Will buy La Toya's for my wife. She's talented, but not interesting to me. Wife loves her.

    Might buy George, again for my wife, if it's not Gospel.

    Will buy John Stevens. I'm not kidding. I love his voice when it's in tune, and I love the kind of music he sings. I think that in a studio, with several takes, he could sound great.

    Me too!

    Because Fantasia was so emotionally accessible, you could get close to her and I'm going to get her CD so I can close my eyes and hear her voice and know she's still there - not just an image or a voice but Tasia! She takes you somewhere with her when she sings and it will be interesting to hear how that translates in the studio.

    Latoya for my sister and George for me if he lets loose in the studio!

    I will buy John Stevens no matter what style of music he puts out. I love the tone of his voice.

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    The thing I like about Fantasia is how she performs a song, not as much as her actual singing. "I Believe" did grow on me though but I'll need to her the studio version of the song first before committing.

    I would buy Latoya's album. Her voice is just so beautiful.

    Any others from the group? I highly doubt it though I know my son will buy Diana's when one comes out.

    I think William Hung has a better chance with his "second" (which I still cant believe) album than the others do....

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