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Thread: How many of you will actually go and BUY contestants CD?

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    Nope, not going to buy any of the AI3 CDs. Once it got down to the final three, I couldn't even bring myself to watch the show.

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    I bought Kelly's - but rarely listen to it. I only like a few songs on it.

    I've got Clay's cd and listen to it quite a bit at work.

    Not interested in Justin's, Rueben's, or Klo's. If I get the others it will depend on how they turn out.

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    I'll buy Jasmine's only. Placing Fantasia's CD in the car will only cause car incident due to wreck of nerves.

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    I'm sorry.. did some of you mention that Camille is making a CD? Are you
    F--king kidding me? She is terrible. How could anyone, other than her immediate family, want to buy that CD? I thought she should have been one of the first of the final 12 gone.

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    I have Clay, Kelly, and K'Lo CDs. Bought the AI3 compilation just to get George singing Me and Mrs Jones.

    I will buy a John Stevens CD if he sticks to his style of music.

    I think Camille could make a great CD if she sticks to her hip-hop style; but I probably would not buy it.

    For Fantasia, Latoya and Diana .... it depends on the songs.

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    No one on AI3 has inspired me to purchase their CD without listening to it first -- as I have done for Kelly and Clay. But I can definately see some of these performers having great albums, if handled right. I really am curious to see how they market this year's contestants and even more curious to see who gets signed.

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    I own Clay's cd, and its good car tunes. I would be interested in Amy, John Stevens if he does big band, or JPL if he hooks up with a good band and does some rock music.

    I wouldn't want Fantasia's or Diana's, even if I got it for free.

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    Its strange, I think that the best talent of the of this years AI were amoung the best I've heard(latoya, fantasia, george...) but the people who were bad this year were REALLY bad (camille, that red headed kid) Funny to have both extremes on the same show!

    I think that if Latoya and Fantasia had the right people behind them (in 19E pay for some real talent) they could have amazing CDs. I think that Latoya needs to sing stuff like Vivien Green(this is a good cd!). I don't about Fantasia, but she needs to work with someone who is currently working (well) within the R&B/hip hop industry. Not the pop crossover stuff, but the real thing!

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    i will buy it even though her voice kinda hurts my ears, ive bought everyone of thier cds so far. the only ones for this year that are a must for me is jasmine, camile, and amy........and if your looking to keep your collection of AI cds up to date pick of tamyras cd, its amazing absolutly love it, also joshua gracin cd in stores june 15, heard clips from it and also amazing....


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    Depends what they sing. I'm not interested in power ballads. Fantasia's first few albums will probably be forgettable ("I Believe" - yawn, can a song possibly be more formulaic?) She is not a pop singer by any stretch. Eventually she will settle in to recording her best styles of music, like showtunes, jazz, big band, and gospel, and then I'll consider it.

    As for the rest:

    Diana - Will sell some albums on momentum from her runner-up finish, but I don't see a long Pop Star career ahead of her. I do think she'll wind up headlining live variety "Six Flags"-type shows, and I don't consider that a put-down.

    Jasmine - Very good at ballads but mediocre otherwise, which limits her long-term potential. A pretty face never hurts.

    LaToya - Might produce a good pop single or two, but she appeals largely to an older audience. She'll eventually do AC recordings, but her success will come on the stage, or maybe Vegas.

    George - If he wants, he can be in the Temptations or Four Tops before long when they need some new blood. Not strong enough to be a pop headliner. Could be a star on the national gospel circuit, and that's where he ought to concentrate. Gospel and Christian Rock/Soul music sells very well.

    John - Intriguing. He has the narrowest comfort range, but when he's in it, he's quite good (as even his two Big Band lines in last night's medley showed.) Forget that he's awful outside of it; that doesn't matter anymore. There are lots of singers selling lots of CD's to older listeners in the modern big band/swing/Rat Pack genre. But if a 16-year-old could sell that sort of music to teens....

    Jennifer - Two words: Broadway stage. If she can act even a little bit, she's set for life. Not a pop star no matter what many people think -- they will be surprised how quickly her voice would get old on the radio. But she can bring down the house every night singing live.

    JPL - Sorry. Maybe he can front a rock band, but no long-term career in singing (or dancing ) Doesn't mean he can't make it in the entertainment industry though; he has the personality.

    Camille - Long, long way to go to develop a stage presence. After that, maybe. Her voice tone is very promising, as her AI3 CD single shows. And incidentally, I thought she sounded just fine last night during the medley -- calmer, composed, and on pitch. What were the rest of you watching?

    Amy - IMO, she had the top performance of 2004: "Sin Wagon". Can she turn that into a country career? Might produce a few good pop singles as well with the right material. Needs to develop a style of her own though, as most of her performances were Xerox covers of the original.

    Matt - No prayer at a pop singing career. Zilch. Not good enough. Matt's personality is his asset. I see him as a TV show host (AI4 anyone? )

    Leah - This space intentionally left blank.

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