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Thread: How many of you will actually go and BUY contestants CD?

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    I'll buy both LaToya's and Fantasia's CD.....that is, if my wife raises my allowance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxnFan
    I will definitely go and buy their CDs! I think AI3 is the best Ai ever!

    I actually think that AI3 was the worst AI ever. I think the 2nd was the best, and that this seasons talent well, sucked.

    I would never buy Fantasia or Diana's CDs.. I am not really in to either one of them, and I think all of Fantasia's "yeah, yeah, yeahs" .. would only make me angry.

    The only one I would consider would be George Huff. I really like some of his songs, especially "Sittin by the Dock of a Bay" ..

    I might go out on a limb here and say that I do not think that Fantasia will find much success in the recording industry. Sure, she'll make a bunch of money with cameos, appearances, the AI tour.. etc.. but I don't see her album really taking off.. I see her going more the way of Just Guarrini than Kelly Clarkson.. whom, by the way, is still the BEST contestant ever on the show..

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    I bought Clay's, Ruben's and Harlemm's cds -- not because I like listening to them but because I wanted to throw the guys a few bucks. The cds are terrible. I'll probably buy Fantasia's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracker
    I bought Clay's, Ruben's and Harlemm's cds .
    Have Clay's cd and love it---huge Clay fan here as well as all three of my dd's.

    Bought Ruben's cd but have only listened to it once. Really did not like it at all.

    Would love to have Harlem's cd but have not been able to find it in my neck of the woods and have not taken the time to order it online.

    I fully intend to buy Fantasia's single 'I Believe' because I think she did a fabulous job and that song was hers from the first minute she performed it. Very few songs affect me this way but I actually cried by the time she finished that song. I will also buy Fantasia's cd when it comes out because I have always felt that she was a true star.

    As for the others I am not sure if I would or not. I did not buy Kimberly Locke's cd because I did not care for the single, I will never buy another one of Ruben's cd's but I would not mind having Kelly's cd and will buy each and every thing that Clay releases. k

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    I listened to Clay's c.d on the internet.
    Thought it was typical of the garbage I'd expect from him to be honest.

    Bought Ruben's. Sure, it's not the greatest but the production value is better than Clay's or Kelly's imo.

    I might get George's, but I'd have to listen to it first.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I'd listen to both LaToya and Fantasia before purchasing.
    In these times of Greatness, what is better than being a Bostonian? Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics (NO. 5anyone?) and I'll even give props to the Black N Gold!!!

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    i'm inclined to buy jasmine's and camille's only if there are good materials on it...but i'm sure i will get one as a gift anyways

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    I will be buying Diana's and LaToya's. I'll download Fantasia's first single just out of curiousity.

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    Jasmine's, Camille's and Fantasia's single

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    Watched last season, but definitely didn't buy. Wasn't even close to interested. One thing that can be said about seasons two and three is that they were very different. I doubt anyone loved both.

    This season:

    Will buy Fantasia's no matter what. Even if it's not a style I prefer, it will be worth 15 bucks to bring back the memories of her this season. Last night was the best thing I have ever seen on television.

    Will buy La Toya's for my wife. She's talented, but not interesting to me. Wife loves her.

    Might buy George, again for my wife, if it's not Gospel.

    Will buy John Stevens. I'm not kidding. I love his voice when it's in tune, and I love the kind of music he sings. I think that in a studio, with several takes, he could sound great.


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