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Thread: What are you hoping to see in AI4?

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    Better group performances.
    No more chessy routine of bottom 3 call outs
    Better group of Top 12.
    Be wiser choosing wildcards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliasmq
    5. Simon commenting first
    That would be a major improvement. The time he went first he actually got to finish what he had to say, it was much better that way. I like all the judges in the "roles" they have, but the "shut-up-Simon" has gotten old.

    I also hope they will start assigning more numbers per contestant maybe from top 6 on. I will not expect there to be more than perhaps three really talented people each year, and I think most of the talent should be able to make it top 6. Or, set a limit of votes per household. Although I prefer the more numbers per contestant option.

    I'd like them to return to 50's, 60' , 70's, 80's and 90's as beginning theme weeks. Then after that maybe some more specific themes. A broader style/song selection would give the singers a chance to shine in what they like to do. Themes that I have liked are big band, country, movie night, and motown (or similar). Many people don't like country, but I think country is such a huge part of American culture that it is almost a "must" in American Idol.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I would like to see the judges have to be blind folded when they're listening to people sing. This way it IS based on talent and not looks. How fair would that be? Go Fantasia!!

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    That's quite the image, luca, can you imagine a blindfolded Simon, Paula, and Randy?! I understand your reasoning but unfortunately, we'd have to blindfold the viewers too as they are just as influenced by image as the judges -- and they vote! But I like your train of thought
    I would definately like to see broader themes next year -- no more guest judges and the restraints of one artist's music. As for the voting, who knows? I don't have the answer; let's hope someone does!

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    __Better voting system.
    __Rock Night
    __Keep the narrow themes. Narrow themes prevent contestants from "getting away with" singing Whitney (or Sinatra) every single performance.


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    1) broader themes
    2) more talented men
    3) fewer divas
    4) some rock singers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolls
    Now that this season has reached the end, what do you want to see next year?

    I would like to see:

    1. A few girls with a folksy style, like a Shawn Colvin or Nancy Griffith.
    2. A man with who reminds me of George Michael.
    3. Someone as bizarre as Boy George, but with a voice just as undeniably amazing.
    4. A man with a voice as powerful, yet tender, as Josh Groban.

    Oh, there are other things I will think up, and I know you have things you want to see. What are they?

    PS--Yes, I like Adult Contemporary music, gay men, and the 80's.
    hey wasnt RJ from season 1 gay, but anyways i would like to see
    better theme weeks, at least songs that these people will actually know, maybe a michael jackson theme night
    better talent
    oh yea like lolls said someone like boy george, that would be interesting to watch
    higher the age limit to at least 28 or 29 or even higher


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    Ooh--raising the age limit is a good idea! Perhaps make it 18-29 as opposed to 16-24. That way, you eliminate the age comments.
    fka kickstand

    Can Ya Dig It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brooklynboy
    10. No wierd producers plotting show intrigue (why were the roman brothers there and John Stevens???)
    I thought the Roman brothers were talented. They just weren't able to deal with the pressure of performing for a bigger audience, for whatever reason.

    I think Paula should go first when it's time for the judges' comments. Sometimes she's like a little parrot; I'd like to see what she really thinks (without Randy's comments to draw from like she usually does).

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    1. 1st week-- no theme, any genre the contestants find comfortable to sing with...so as to showcase their strength and build their fanbase...then other themes aside from country...and no guest judges

    2. more male voices ... less divas

    3. no more cheesy AI final song...eeep

    4. a better 32

    5. a better voting system

    6. remove paula and randy...keep simon for entertainment value

    7. more contemporary themes...some songs are not known to me

    8. cheesy vote offs should be avoided

    9. constructive criticism

    10. better sounding band or tweak the sound onstage...i can't hear the contestants well when they go live

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