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Thread: What are you hoping to see in AI4?

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    what a great thread! I really enjoyed reading it.

    I agree that there has to be some way to stop people from voting more than once, but how? How do you regulate that when you're dealing with 25 million+ ?
    I think that there are certain households where there is more than one person who may not want to vote for the same contestant. The limit should be 4 votes per household.
    Maybe a solution would be for you to enter your telephone number, and it would automatically keep track of how many times that number has been used that night.

    I think that AI should keep the same judges, but as some others have said, Simon should speak first. And I wish they'd quit with the obligatory booing whenever Simon speaks the truth. It's getting to the point that it's embarrasing!

    I think a rock night would be really great! I mean, that's a challenge...

    I'm a little sick of the meidiorce (spelling?) singers getting through week after week. If we started off with a better top 12 that wouldn't have happened. It was really a load of crap when those stupid blonde chicks got into the top 32... they sucked! There were so many singers that were better than half of the top 12 who didn't even get through the audition.

    I LOVE the group songs though. It's great! It reminds me of Show Choir in highschool! I love that stuff!

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    okay.. when I said "those stupid blonde chicks" I should have elaborated. I talking about the two blonde girls who were in the top 32... both had chin length hair. One I remember most because she had REALLY LARGE HIPS! She was terrible.
    I think that the worst thing was when that tall, curvy girl with the long red hair didn't get through.
    She was so amazing (reminded me of Kelly Clarkson the way she sung). She got beat out over those stupid blonde chicks. I just didn't understand that.

    She was just gorgeous! Her voice was perfect, every note. I'm sure that if she would have gotten though, she might have gotten into the top 3!
    Does anyone remember who she was???

    AI4 will be good... if SHE comes back.

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    I think those who make it to the top 32 can't audition again, but I might be wrong (?)

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