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Thread: Top 3: AI3 vs AI2

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    Top 3: AI3 vs AI2




    I would have to say that AI2 is the clear winner hands down IMHO and I'll bet that the total record sales from each Top 3 will reflect this. What's do you think?

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    No contest. The AI2 final three knock AI3 absolutely cold. All three of last year's Big Three are much stronger than every member of the Big Three this year. This year was absolutely terrible by any measure.

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    I think you are right, Fantasia is excellent this year, but I don't think the other two from AI3 would compare to last years top three at all. But record sales are a mystery to me. What makes people buy Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson? I would say Jasmine has potential as a typical pop icon whose looks will boost the sales.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Ai2 for sure. If LaToya had been in the Top 3, MAYBE there would've been a comparison. But with Jasmine, Diana, and Fantasia, I really don't think so. Diana is just another teen singer out there...sugary and cute. The one thing that may help her is that awesome voice of hers that I think maybe great in recording studios, but I dunno. Jasmine...I think she overstayed her visit by maybe 6 weeks. Enough said. The only person that could maybe as successful as Ruben and Clay is Fantasia because at least she has personality and singing that's a little bit unique. But Clay's triple platinum, Ruben's platinum, and Kim has a single that's overplayed on a majority of radio stations...I don't see all 3 of the Top 3 from this year being THAT successful in the following year. But hey, what do I know? Watch, they'll all go quintuple platinum. Oh well, that's my feeling as of now. Even as the season is approaching a close tonight, I still loved AI2 much more. But the only thing I love about this year's Top 2 is that I don't care who wins...it's nice being this relaxed and wishing both ladies the best

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    No doubt, the top three in AI2 were much more dynamic, better singers, and a closer competition in terms of talent. IMO Fantasia was left to carry it on her own this season, and while she is just phenomenal, the sense of "who will win?" is just not there for me. Especially since I've read that Fantasia already has a record contract in the bag (as she should).

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    I also agree that AI2 "Top Three" was much better than AI3. Actually, I prefer the whole season of AI2. There has been a let down this year, for me.

    While, I don't think Fantasia is the best singer--I hope she wins so Diana won't have TO PUT UP WITH ANY MORE CRITICISM! She is a tough little cookie, but enough is enough. So, in this way, I do care who wins. Fantasia's voice is bound to sound better in the recording studio, so she might have a hit CD. My best to both!

    I am looking forward to seeing the other contestants tonight. For that reason, it should be a good show!

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    I think Fantasia is a better performer than the top 3 of AI2, but I don't like her as much when I close my eyes and just listen to her voice. I think the top 3 of AI2 is better than everyone on AI3.

    And, I would add Trenyce to that. I would have voted Trenyce to win AI3 even tho I thought her 5th place finish was about right on AI2. Plus, I would prefer Josh to every male (and all of the women save one) on AI3 as well.

    Season was a huge let-down and what annoys me is how Ryan Seacrest and the judges keep saying it is the best. As if what they say will become the public's opinion just because they keep saying it. I watched this season just like the last but with not even close to the level of excitement.
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    I'm with everyone else - the Ruben, Clay, K Lo combo in AI2 was fantastic.
    I don't think that the top 3 as voted in AI3 compares. HOWEVER... I do think that there were other AI3 singers who were voted out could have made an AI3 top 3 that were similarly strong.
    I also think that as a whole, the AI3 group had more strong singers than AI2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kariann1

    If she can't take criticism, she needs to get out of show business. CD reviewers at Rolling Stone and concert reviewers at newspapers and radio stations will be more cruel than Simon or posters here could ever be. It's part of the business.

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    i think talentwise, the ai2 top 3 were more talented as a whole. granted, the fanatical fans from last season made a mess of this message board - which made me not want to watch the show at all. this season doesn't seem to have the same fanaticism, though everyone clearly has their favorites. out of this season's top 3, i think fantasia is the only dynamic one in the group. i think with some vocal training and a little age though, that jasmine and diana can have successful careers in music.

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