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Thread: Paula Abdul - Judge

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty;2412924;
    Simon....asked about the dog first too! And then was glad that she might not be able to show up for the show!
    And to think I was concerned about sounding mean.

    I love Simon.

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    God, I know she broke her nose, but boy was she doped up last night. I can't remember exactly what she she said, but when Ryan asked who won that round, she said "you aren't going to get it out of me, but boy that tie looks good on you"

    I thought how strange
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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    Oh my...there is an audio tape of Paula out where she is whining to agents about how she is treated. She also mentioned medical problems. She said she has addisons? I'm gonna look that up in a few minutes. Anyway, the full article is on Page Six. I think the phone call is on youtube. I did not listen to the actual phone call. I just read the summary of the call. Oh and Paula released a statement. She is not happy about the tape being leaked.

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    Quote Originally Posted by my3boyz;2426890;
    Oh my...there is an audio tape of Paula out where she is whining to agents about how she is treated. She also mentioned medical problems. She said she has addisons? I'm gonna look that up in a few minutes. Anyway, the full article is on Page Six. I think the phone call is on youtube. I did not listen to the actual phone call. I just read the summary of the call. Oh and Paula released a statement. She is not happy about the tape being leaked.
    Addison's disease (also known as chronic adrenal insufficiency, or hypocortisolism) is a rare endocrine disorder in which the body produces insufficient amounts of adrenal steroid hormones (glucocorticoids and often mineralocorticoids). The condition was first described by British physician Thomas Addison in his 1855 publication, On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Suprarenal Capsules. Those who have Addison's are often referred to in research and informational articles as "Addisonians".

    In primary adrenal insufficiency (classic Addison's disease) the hormone aldosterone is also deficient. Many of the symptoms of Addison's disease arise due to the hyposecretion of aldosterone leading to hyperkalemia (high blood potassium levels) and metabolic acidosis (increased acidity of the blood due to decreased bicarbonate levels). Often the production of adrenaline is also diminished.

    Treatment is with replacement of the hormones (oral hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone). If the disease is caused by an underlying problem, this is addressed. Regular follow-up and monitoring for other health problems is necessary.
    Then again, she's also claimed to have reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

    Complex regional pain syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic condition characterized by severe pain following injury to bone and soft tissue. The International Association for the Study of Pain has divided CRPS into two types based on the presence of nerve lesion following the injury. Type I, also known as Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), Sudeck's atrophy, Reflex neurovascular dystrophy (RND) or algoneurodystrophy, does not have demonstrable nerve lesions, while type II, also known as causalgia, has evidence of obvious nerve lesions. The cause of these syndromes is currently unknown.

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    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    If it's true that one of Paula's ailments is a spinal injury, then more than likely, she is in a significant amount of pain on a daily basis. Combined with the pressure of Hollywood, etc. I can see how she is tempted to find relief.

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    Its getting close to debut time....My stupid cable doesn't have Bravo so I'm going to miss out on this one...........

    Hey Paula!

    Behind the songs, behind the dance, the spotlight, and far away from Simon Cowell, there's the real woman behind the headlines - pop icon Paula Abdul. Kicking off Bravo's third night of original programming on Thursday, June 28, with back-to-back episodes from 10-10:30PM ET/PT and 10:30-11PM, the 30-minute docu-drama series Hey Paula provides an unfiltered, real-life look at the American Idol judge, entrepreneur, choreographer and multi-platinum artist, giving insight and context to Abdul's much-reported on professional and personal life. Paulas Sommer will air regularly every Thursday, from 10-10:30PM ET/PT.

    Hey Paula paints a three-dimensional portrait of Abdul and her "Crazy Cool" world - from the stressed celebrity and tough business woman to the comedic prankster. Viewers will see Abdul up close 24/7 as she battles insomnia during the much-talked-about American Idol satellite media tour interviews; bumps heads with QVC execs; develops her own fragrance and plays practical jokes on her assistants. Through it all, Abdul has a knack for being able to laugh along the way. On her singing career, she quips, "Last time I had a hit record, Bill and Hillary were having sex...that's a long time ago." And Abdul jokes about Cowell with a QVC security guard, "If someone comes that has dark hair, that looks like Beavis and Butthead haircut and has a tight shirt...and he has a British accent, do not let him in."

    Additionally, the seven-episode series features the posse of people essential in keeping the Abdul empire running smoothly. The Hey Paula players include Daniel, her hairstylist and BFF, who always promises a good time; Jeff, her longtime (and now former) publicist of seven years, who protects her like a sister; Kylie, her full-time wardrobe assistant, who keeps Abdul looking her best; and Abdul's kids...her four Chihuahuas - Bessie Moo, Chomps, Thumbelina and Tulip.

    In the first episode of Hey Paula, a whirlwind 48 hours lies ahead for the star and "Team Abdul." As Abdul gets red-carpet ready for the Grammys, her Chihuahua "Chomps" chomps down on a loaned million dollar antique ring, much to the chagrin of the overprotective jewelry rep, and a call from the Bratz filmmakers creates additional drama. Immediately after the awards, Abdul changes out of her Valentino gown in the car, while making a mad dash to catch a red eye, and nearly misses the flight. But the day's not over and there's no time to rest for an exhausted Abdul. Landing in Philly, she heads over to QVC to see her jewelry designs, only to find they're not what she envisioned. If it's not up to par, Abdul's not putting her name behind it. With just a few hours before the live QVC show, she voices her concerns. Will the changes to Abdul's jewelry line be made in time? Just an average day in the life of Paula Abdul.

    Abdul's off to NYC in the second installment of Hey Paula for a jam-packed week filled with events, meetings and press. Abdul and her publicist Jeff begin the trip at the annual dinner for the Young Menswear Association Fashion Scholarship Fund for Parson School of Design, where she's presented with the Fashion Icon Award by Tim Gunn - a true honor, since Abdul's graced the worst dressed list more than once. But by the time she gets to her hotel, it's 4am. With just two hours of sleep, Abdul attempts to grab some shuteye after a meeting with her perfume manufacturers, but ends up losing a battle with insomnia, and continues to miss night after night of sleep. A full week of meetings later, with no zzz's, combined with catching the flu, Abdul must get through a series of satellite interviews to promote "American Idol." And this is when she makes headlines once again.

    An award-winning, multi-talented artist, Abdul has enjoyed success and acclaim both in front of and behind the camera. As a recording artist, she notched worldwide album sales exceeding 30 million units, two No. 1 Albums, six No. 1 Singles, a Grammy Award, seven MTV Awards, two Emmy Awards, two People's Choice Awards and two Kid's Choice Awards. Currently, she is one of three celebrity hosts on America's No. 1 television program, American Idol, now in its sixth season on FOX. Abdul recently turned her talents to jewelry design and in April 2006 introduced the Paula Abdul Jewelry Collection on QVC to record-breaking sales and public acclaim.
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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    Paula has a reality show on Bravo, it's on Thursday evenings. Check it out, I will and if it's good I'll be watching.

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    Paula does not look well. I hope she's okay. I was disappointed when she was signed on again, but now I hope this season is a huge success without her making any headlines.

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    After watching her show, she doesn't eat right, she never sleeps and I'm willing to be she's on some sort of pain pills or anxiety meds.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    Re: Paula Abdul - Judge

    I have seen her reality show , i liked it.
    It gives you a better understanding of Paula.
    Paula is like a "one ( little ) woman company".
    She has tons of people working around her , but in the end , it`s all up to her , she has all the responsibility , all the weight on her shoulders , everything stays or falls with her......alone.

    If i had all this pressure , i wouldn`t just turn up loopy every now and then.
    I would yearn for the days of loopy.
    I would keep loopy in a box for hard times.

    Paula has a lot of loopy credit with me.
    And it makes for a good show too.

    You wouldn`t want to change the three guys.
    It would be different , and just for that reason you wouldn`t like it anymore.

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