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Thread: Conference Call Interview With Jasmine Trias

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    Conference Call Interview With Jasmine Trias

    Conference Call Interview With Jasmine Trias
    Transcript by TVFrenzy.com

    Personality Notes: Jasmine was very sweet and definitely acted her age. Unlike Diana, she's not as enthusiastic or cheery, but is still really personable.

    <B>It's quite clear that you're going to continue in the music industry, but do you have any plans for the album? Is there a genre you plan to focus on?</b>
    I kind of want to go into, like, a little bit pop and R&B. Kind of like Tamyra Gray.

    <B>Will your album be initially promoted in the continental US or the Southern-Pacific region?</b>
    I want to go international with it. I'm probably going to start off here (continental US/Hollywood) and then go international with it. I'm not sure yet.

    <B>What is your reaction to those who sent negative criticism your way after last week's crying?</b>
    Well, you know, America votes....the reason why I cried was because I knew I didn't give my best performances, and for the judges to just kind of push it...I just broke down. I guess America voted for that because it's a reality show. I'm only human so it's okay to cry. I just broke down and I guess America felt it.

    <b>Which affects you more, negative criticism or praise?</b>
    Both sides affect me. The support, I could just deal with support and it makes me feel good...especially the support from Hawaii. But, the negative comments do affect me, they did affect me that week. I just try to channel it into a positive direction.

    <B>What made you decide to get rid of your flower?</b>
    It was kind of my decision. I thought that I was going to wear the flower all the way, but as the show goes on, your style starts to change. You start to transform into a star. I felt that I kind of wanted to get rid of the flower. I'm not going to wear the flower for the rest of my life, so I just wanted to change things up a little bit.

    <B>Did you feel that having to manage the tutoring/school put you at a disadvantage?</b>
    Me, Diana, John, and Leah did it and look how far we made it. It's a matter of how you handle everything.

    <B>Do you feel that your age makes it inappropriate to sing some of the songs you sang/should the age limit be changed?</b>
    I don't think age is such a big thing. It's just how mature you are, and how you handle things.

    <B>What were your best and worst performances?</b>
    I would say my best was Inseparable and [I'll Never Love This Way Again]. My worst was probably Disco week. I had some really good and some really bad weeks.

    <B>Were there any performances from other contestants that you found to be outstanding?</b>
    Yes, Summertime by Fantasia, that was incredible. Everybody backstage totally felt the song.

    <B>How do the final two stack up?</b>
    You know, I think this top twelve was a very tough top twelve. I think everybody could have been an American Idol. It came down to Diana and Fantasia and they're very, very talented women. They're very different. Anyone can take it. I don't know who's going to win, but I just hope for the best.

    <B>What is your reaction to getting out one week short of the finale?</b>
    I accomplished more than I wanted. Accomplishing top twelve was a big thing - accomplishing top three? I could not ask for more.

    <B>What was your reaction upon finding out that you beat out La Toya last week?</b>
    It was kind of a weird situation to handle. Three situations going on at the same time. She got voted off but she had a really good performance, I didn't and I should've gone. But, we've all worked hard for it and all deserved to be there. I was happy, I was sad, I was upset. I was everything. Every Wednesday it's like that.

    <B>How tall are you?</b>
    (laughs) I'm 5'1"

    <B>How did your family manage the cost of attending each show?</b>
    My dad has to stay with me because I'm a minor - so he's in the audience every time. I have a lot of family and every week, different family members fly in.

    <B>Have you kept in touch with Camile?</b>
    Yeah, off and on. She didn't [speak with me before my final night]. We're both busy and it's kind of hard to keep in touch at this point, especially when it's final three/final four.

    <B>What did Simon say to you on Wednesday?</b>
    After the show, all the judges told me "well done," that you should be proud of yourself for making it this far. It was all positive.

    <B>Who was the best guest judge?</b>
    I think Barry Manilow was the best celebrity judge because he actually worked with us on our songs. He actually gave us advice on how to perform it and how to sing it. I think that was a great show.

    <B>You're already considered a role model. Can you comment on that?</b>
    It just touches my heart when I hear that, because being a role model at 17 - that's a lot of responsibility. I don't know, what can I say to that?

    <B>Who are your role models?</b>
    I love Tamyra Gray. I look up to Natalie Cole - I love her music; and Aretha Franklin.

    <B>Your thoughts on your dad's image transformation?</b>
    American Idol does makeovers, although American Idol didn't actually do the makeover on my dad - he just wanted to look presentable. He was on TV every week and was pressured into wearing suits. He would never wear a suit, but he wore a suit for the show.

    <B>What do you feel are Diana and Fantasia's biggest strengths?</b>
    They're both different. Diana has a very big voice, she has a very powerful voice for her age. You know, they both inspire me. Diana has a lot of energy, she brings a lot to the stage. So does Fantasia - she's so soulful in her music. She just feels the music whenever she sings it. Yeah, I think those are her strengths.

    <B>Are they different on-stage and off-stage?</b>
    They're pretty much the same. [I feel the same way about myself]

    <B>Did you get any advice from Tamyra Gray?</b>
    A little. She just told me that it really doesn't matter what the judges say, it's how you take the criticism and how you move forward with it. You know, she's a really good person, I kind of look up to her and her music and how talented she is.

    <B>Can you tell me about your father's skill at making breakfast for the Idol house?</b>
    He made French Toast some mornings, usually bacon and eggs and some kind of sausage. Every morning he would make breakfast for us because he knows how busy we are and how late we were up the past night.

    <B>Did you feel that the contestants were chasing Fantasia as the favorite?</b>
    No. I think the thing about this competition is that when it's show day, everyone brings on their game, but just backstage, we don't really talk about the show that much. Everyone's just hanging out together and relaxing. I don't think anybody was really jealous of Fantasia or anything like that. Everyone's so different - it doesn't matter what the judges say, it's what America wants.

    <B>You're always asked to explain the disadvantages of being a teenager on American Idol. Can you tell me about some of the advantages?</b>
    I guess that being younger, you appeal to a younger crowd. It just depends on how you [carry?] yourself. Being younger? Advantages, it's kind of hard. Starting off young is an advantage cause you have a long way to go in the future.

    <B>What surprised you the most about the competition?</b>
    This whole experience has been a big learning experience: I learned so much about the business, about producing a show. I learned so much about myself, I grew in the competition. I learned so much about singing. A surprise is how many friendships I made - how close we are as a group, how we are going to forever be friends.

    <B>Can you comment on the support you got from Hawaii?</b>
    I've been representing Hawaii throughout this whole competition - I did feel a lot of pressure cause I didn't want to let them down. I also have a big support elsewhere in America. I was very overwhelmed with the support in Hawaii when I went back, it just really touched my heart. I made me feel like the luckiest person alive.

    <B>What are your immediate plans?</b>
    I have graduation to attend and after that, I guess I'm just going to rehearse for the tour. After the tour, I'm going to do my own thing - maybe release an album.

    <b>How does the prospect of making so much money make you feel?</b>
    It's kind of weird, because during the show, I thought we weren't going to be receiving any compensation. You know, we were actually considered working. Getting paid for something that you really love to do is like a big thing. Money is like a big thing to me, it's just doing what I want to do.

    <B>Have you decided to continue living a Hollywood life?</b>
    My life is never going to be the same after this. I want to do this - this is my dream and I'm living it. I want to move forward with it.

    <B>What's the best advice you've gotten since your elimination?</b>
    The best advice is just to believe in yourself all the way, to stay true to yourself all the way. Don't change and just work hard for your dreams.

    <B>What have you learned about YOURSELF?</b>
    I learned not to compete with the other contestants, just compete with yourself and stay true to yourself. America sees you as one person and if you start competing with other contestants, you take away from yourself. Throughout the whole competition, I just wanted to be Jasmine.

    <B>How did your dad get so much time off work and afford to move your family back and forth?</b>
    Hawaii has been very supportive and his job has been very supportive. He came out here with leave and a lot of vacation. But, now, since I was on the show for a long time - yeah, he's not getting paid. But, my mom is working and I have money so I'm helping out and she's helping out.

    <B>Any truth to the rumor that the loser buys dinner on Wednesday night?</b>
    That's so not true.

    <B>Which person were you closest to?</b>
    Oh god, I was close with all of them, but I think I was close with the people I could relate to...Diana and Jon since I went to school with them. I had more time with them than the other contestants.

    <B>Which elimination was the hardest to see?</b>
    The hardest to see was John. I mean, he received a lot of bashing from the judges and the media and to see him go through that backstage was very hard. He took everything like a man and it was a very emotional night.

    <B>What would the public be surprised to learn about you?</b>
    I think they know a lot about me...I can't answer that question. I don't know.

    <B>Did you feel that a song like Mr. Melody was a challenge for you?</b>
    Yeah, it was a challenge. I love Natalie Cole, but I think it's more of a big band song. I actually liked the song - it was very fun and you could do a lot with it. It was my first time scatting, so it was fun. I'm kind of glad with how it went.

    <B>What are your thoughts on the fact that Hawaii took Simon's dare to heart and voted like crazy for you?</b>
    It's said that Hawaii voted a lot that week. But, I think a lot of my support came from like California and all that - the rest of America. Hawaii just kind of boosted it up.

    <B>Were you aware of your Filipino support?</b>
    Just the support I'm getting from America and everybody is just amazing. I don't know what to say.

    <B>Have you received any offers?</b>
    I get offers here and there. Yeah.

    <B>Are you going to visit the Philippines?</b>
    Yeah, I really want to go to the Philippines, I haven't been there yet.

    <B>How much time did you spend studying, how did that work?</b>
    We spent three hours a day. It's kind of different, but it's better than regular school cause you're just focusing on your own thing and your work the whole time. I think it's fun.

    <B>Did you ever feel like you were missing out while in school?</b>
    Not really. School just takes a lot of our time sometimes, but it doesn't take away from practicing and everything. All of us are close.

    <B>Did you ever meet Fantasia's daughter and what are they like together?</b>
    She's the cutest thing! They're so cute together, they play together, they dance together. It's so cute, she's a great mom.

    <B>What are your reactions to Matt and Leah not going on the tour?</b>
    I think top twelve should get to go - why have a top twelve when they're not going to go on tour. But, they set the rules.

    <B>Of the song choices you had on Tuesday, which was your favorite?</b>
    I thought all of them were pretty good. I love that song Saving All My Love For You, it's one of my favorite songs. Mr. Melody brought out my personality and All By Myself was a very challenging song and I think I did a good job.

    <B>What would you change about the show if you could?</b>
    I would not change anything about the show. The show works in so many ways that it just falls in together at the end. I think how the show works is just a genius idea.

    <B>Were you surprised to see an all-female final four?</b>
    I wasn't surprised at all, I was kind of happy with the final four. All of us girls got to bond; we're going to be friends forever.

    <B>Do you think the fact that you were not featured much before the top 32 helped or hurt you?</b>
    I think it worked to my advantage - look how far I got. At the same time, I don't think it really matters. I think it's how you catch America's eye when you do get your time.

    <B>All By Myself was the song that La Toya blew America away with. When you sang that song, did you feel any extra pressure?</b>
    I couldn't change the song choice because Clive chose it for me. But, it was a challenge because it's a tough song and because La Toya sang it. I just think I did a good job.

    <B>Do you have words for your fans?</b>
    I just want to thank them so much for supporting me and making my dreams come true. I was nothing before and now I'm something, because of them.

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    Thanks for the great interview and questions Yeah Yeah.

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    Longest interview ever ! Good job

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    She's kinda naive, isn't she?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    She's kinda naive, isn't she?
    A little bit, but at least she didn't deny that her crying earned her sympathy votes.

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    Thank you for a great interview. I enjoyed reading it. I think she gave very honest answers.
    May I ask what her persona was like during the interview? Did she appear nervous? Was she giggling? You mentioned that she acted her age. Can you elaborate a little more?
    Thank you!

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    nice interview..goodluck jasmine

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    Great interview I do hope she comes to the Philippines. Everybody's proud of her achievements here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    She's kinda naive, isn't she?
    Yeah, but young people usually are. It's actually refreshing to see a teenager act like a teenager. I can only speak for myself, but kids who act like adults annoy me to no end... kinda like the way Emmanuel Lewis used to act in his show Webster, anyone remember that?

    She seems like a real sweetheart and gave honest answers.

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